Cheerleading Temporary Tattoos

Do you have spirit?

Cheerleading fake tattoos

We have spirit, yes we do!

Squads all across the country are using temporary tattoos to show their pride at games and pep rallies!

team spirit fake tattoo

Cheerleading temporary tattoos from

You can buy sheets of tattoos just like the one above for $1.65 per sheet.  If that isn’t reason enough to do a toe touch, these spirit temporary tattoo sheets are available in 6 different colors!  With 14 tattoos on each sheet, you’re just about set for the whole season.

There are also plenty of mascots to choose from.  Eagles, Bulldogs, Vikings; chances are you’ll find your beloved mascot.

mascot temporary tattoo

C-Y-C-L-O-N-E-S! Go Cyclones!

If you can’t find your mascot, you can always order a custom temporary tattoo for your team.  Ordering is easy on  You can order as few as 100 custom temporary tattoos starting at $45, including free shipping, and have  your spirit tattoos within 10 days.

Pump it up!  Get  your spirit temporary tattoos today!

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