5 Ways to Use Valentine’s Day Temporary Tattoos

Heart fake tattoo

Valentine’s Day temporary tattoos are cute and so much fun, but how can you use them?  Here are 5 great ways:

1.  In the classroom

Teachers can give Valentine’s Day temporary tattoos to their students.  Kids love temporary tattoos and they’re a great alternative to sweet snacks and candy.

heart fake tattoo

This sheet is great for the classroom

2. In your V-day cards

Valentine temporary tattoos are great for including with cards.  Whether it’s a card for your mother, sister or grandchild, a Valentine’s Day temporary tattoo will bring a smile to their face and add extra charm to your card.


valentine fake tattoo

Make your greeting card pop with this temporary tattoo

3. At the office

Bring smiles and laughter to the office on Valentine’s Day by wearing a heart temporary tattoo.  Your co-workers are sure to appreciate your sense of humor.

heart fake tattoo

Bring V-day to the office by wearing this temporary tattoo

4. On your date

Wearing a Valentine’s Day temporary tattoo for your date is sure to spark conversation and set a fun, relaxed tone. 

heart fake tattoo

5. As a random act of kindness

Keep a few temporary tattoos in your purse or pocket on Valentine’s Day to give away throughout the day.  You’ll bring a smile to those you meet.  It’s a small way to spread a bit of happiness on a day that is all about love.

heart fake tattoo

V-day tattoo: tattoosales.com

Order your Valentine’s Day temporary tattoos today by visiting tattoosales.com!  From all of us here at Tattoo Manufacturing, Happy Valentine’s Day!

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