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Pump up your music festival fashion with temporary tattoos

April 23, 2012

Summer is on its way, and we can almost hear the music from summer festivals and concerts. Whether you’re planning an appearance at a country concert or an all-weekend festival stint, you’re going to be thinking about your signature look.

Set yourself apart with playful accessories like temporary tattoos. To jump-start your concert planning, we’ve rounded up our favorite looks.

1. It’s no secret that we’re crazy about Skin Sugar Glitter tattoos. These super-sparkly tats are packed with glitter and stay on your skin for days. We don’t want to play favorites, but this gold sparrow is pretty awesome. You can browse our selection of Skin Sugar Glitter designs to find your fave.

Gold Glitter Sparrow Bird Temporary Tattoo

2. Rock a feather tattoo and channel your inner rock star.

Fashion peacock feather temporary tattoo

3. Go vintage. Try an old-school star or rose design.

vintage star temporary tattoo

vintage rose temporary tattoo

4. Are you with the band? Consider handing out temporary tattoos with the band’s logo or song lyrics (or the lead singer’s face…ahem, Mr. Bieber) to pump up the crowd. Find out more about designing your own custom fake tattoos.

Cheers to a fun and music-filled summer!

Fundraising for Summer Camp with Custom Temporary Tattoos

March 11, 2011

Summer is an exciting time to be a child!  Enjoying the warm weather, taking time off from school and attending summer camp makes summer a favorite season for children.

custom fake tattoos

However, those camps can be costly.  The summer can be expensive between band camp, sports camp, cheer camp and others.  For this reason, many organizations turn to fundraising.

Custom temporary tattoos are one of the best fundraising ideas to come along in years.  They are perfect for summer programs, schools and local clubs because they require a very low up-front cost and can generate very high returns.

To illustrate the high returns possible with custom temporary tattoos, consider the following:  the high school cheerleading squad needs to raise money to attend summer cheer camp.  The team orders 1,000 custom temporary tattoos featuring the school’s mascot.  At the next home game, members of the team set up a small table outside the entrance and sell the mascot tattoos to energetic fans for $1 each.

school fake tattoo

Mascot Temporary Tattoo

The cheerleading team does the same at pep rallies and school events throughout the semester.  The cheer team even has sponges and water available for the fans to apply the tattoos.

For these 1,000 temporary tattoos, how much profit did the cheerleading team make?

Temporary Tattoo Cost: $89.00

Sales: $1,000

Profit: $911

Not too bad for a small investment.

There are many, highly profitable opportunities for raising money with temporary tattoos.  Explore this option for your group’s summer camp fundraising today!

Temporary Tattoos at the Beach!

February 3, 2011

Today on Twitter, @EmilyInBrazil tweeted a picture of herself at the beach wearing a temporary tattoo.

fake tattoo

Notice the temporary tattoo?

The beach looks amazing, and so does her temporary tattoo!  Notice it there, on the inside of her arm?

It looks like @EmilyInBrazil is sporting a tribal or Celtic design, like the one included on this sheet of Henna tattoos available on


henna tattoo

Henna tattoo:

Temporary tattoos are great for the beach because they do not come off in water.  Quality temporary tattoos, like the ones we print, stay on the skin for up to a week or until they are removed with baby oil or rubbing alcohol.

Emily’s temporary tattoo looks realistic and is a great compliment to her beach attire.  The great thing about it being a temporary tattoo is that she can remove it when she goes out for the evening and wear a different design the next day.

Have fun in Brazil, Emily!

Lower Back Temporary Tattoos

January 27, 2011

Lower back tattoos have been growing in popularity since the early 1990s and today are hotter than ever.

lower back fake tattoo

The heart tattoo on the left would make a great lower back temporary tattoo

When placed on the lower back, the tattoo emphasizes the shape and curvature of the body.  For this reason, lower back tattoos appeal to a very wide demographic.  Everyone from pop stars (Britney Spears) to wholesome actresses (Julia Roberts) is sporting lower back tattoos.  They have become so mainstream that even Barbie has jumped on board!

barbie tattoo

In 2009, Mattel gave Barbie a lower back tattoo

If you aren’t sporting a permanent tattoo, try a temporary lower back tattoo. A quality temporary tattoo will look incredibly realistic and, like a true fashion accessory, can be changed to fit you mood and ensemble.

tribal lower back fake tattoo

Tribal lower back tattoo from

Kick the summer off with a bit of fun and fashion by ordering a lower back temporary tattoo today!

Tip: dust your temporary tattoo with a bit of baby powder or finishing powder for a more realistic, longer lasting application.

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