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Written in Ink: Letter and Name Temporary Tattoos

June 29, 2011

Words are something that have been etched into our everyday lives, they provide laughter, comfort, expression, and meaning. There are many different things that could be made into a text temporary tattoo. Many people will choose to commemorate family and friends by having their name made into a tattoo, or by remembering their life with a quote saying something about them. It is also common for people to get a name tattoo for the person that they love. Temporary tattoos are a great way to express your love for someone, because they are not permanent, and can easily be removed. Many people will also choose to have a text tattoo that says something silly, or a catchphrase that has stood out to them in their lives. No matter which words you choose, text temporary tattoos are an excellent way to say what you need to say!

From Fiction to Flesh: Text Temporary Tattoos

Close your eyes and think about your favorite line from your favorite book, poem or song, now imagine those meaningful words tattooed on your body for everyone to see. A new craze is sweeping the world of temporary tattoos, and things are about to get a bit wordy! Text tattoos have become increasingly popular for people who want to make a statement on their body. Ranging from a classic Beatles line like “All You Need is Love” or a quote from a writer like Albert Camus “In the depths of winter I found in me there was an invincible summer” to even just a simple word “love”.


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Tattoos Are a Universal Language: Character Temporary Tattoos

Another popular trend when it comes to character temporary tattoos is different languages. It has become very popular to get tattoos in Spanish, Latin, Hebrew, and even older texts like Sanskrit. Many people will take passages from the Bible, the Torah, or the Qur’an, and have them tattooed on their body. Temporary text tattoos are great, because you can change what your tattoo says every day. There is a large appeal in today’s temporary tattoo market for tattoos that are in another language. These tattoos spark conversation when people look at them, because they need to be translated. Words in another language are a great idea for a temporary tattoo. 

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow…Say What You Want With Temporary Tattoos

Whatever your preference may be, temporary tattoos are an excellent way to say exactly what you want in words. The bonus? If you decide you don’t want those words after all, you can remove the temporary tattoo and apply a different one. Letter temporary tattoos are gaining popularity,  and many celebrities can be seen sporting words all over their body. Book worms, writers, and music lovers alike are heading out to find their favorite words in tattoo form. It seems that everyone has words that have touched them at some point in their life and the idea of a text tattoo to showcase it is becoming much more appealing.


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