Restaurants that rock temporary tattoos: Hay Market Willow Glen

April 19, 2012

There are two things that we love at Tattoo Manufacturing: temporary tattoos (you probably could have guessed that one) and food.

So, we feel like we’ve hit the jackpot when we hear about restaurants creating their own tattoos.

temporary tattoos for restaurants

Exhibit A: Hay Market, a restaurant serving up seasonal American cuisine and freshly-minted temporary tattoos in the Willow Glen neighborhood of San Jose, CA.

Hay Market, run by chef Joe Cirone, has been a big hit since its opening in the summer of 2011. Nine months later, patrons are coming back for the always-changing menu AND for the quirky temporary tattoos. At the end of every meal at Hay Market, the check comes with a couple of special extras: freshly baked cookies, temporary tattoos & warm, damp towels.

hay market willow glen restaurant temporary tattoo

Joe reports that his restaurant guests sometimes apply the tattoos (Hay Market’s cow head logo) right away, and sometimes they take the tattoos home to their kids. “I’ve been all the way across town before and I’ve seen people wearing our tattoos,” he says. Joe likes the way that his tattoos carry his brand out of the restaurant with the people who are wearing them. “People wear the tattoos for the next four or five days, and they’re sharing the brand.”

hay market willow glen restaurant temporary tattoo on skin


For more information about Hay Market Willow Glen, visit their website. To order your own custom temporary tattoos, check out Tattoo Manufacturing’s custom tattoo design center.

April is National Humor Month!

April 16, 2012

Did you know? April is National Humor Month! We’re suckers for random holidays and celebrations – and we can’t think of a better way to celebrate a month of laughs, jokes and pranks than with temporary tattoos.

Here are a few ways to add a little fun to your day-to-day during National Humor Month:

1. Fake out your friends and family with a new (temporary) “tattoo”

Your spouse, parents, friends, or kids will be shocked when you come home showing off a brand new “tattoo.”

Pick your favorite (and most extreme) design for maximum shock value. Dragon tattoo on your forearm? Butterfly on your lower back? Our realistic and easily removable tattoo designs will trick even your most skeptical friends.

dragon temporary tattoo

Surprise! It's a dragon (temporary) tattoo.

2. Make work fun by passing out temporary tattoos to your employees on a Friday afternoon

We love the idea of ordering motivational or custom temporary tattoos for a team bonding day. Tattoos that brand your employees as the “Best Team Ever” or tattoos with your company’s logo or slogan are a great way to add some fun to a humdrum week.

Go Team motivational temporary tattoo

Go Team motivational temporary tattoo

3. Entertain your kids with hand puppet and fingerstache tattoos.

Kids love it when their parents get a little silly. Have a play day and dress up with “fingerstache” mustache tattoos. The tattoos go on your finger, and when you hold them over your mouth you have an instant (and temporary!) fun mustache.

Or, put on a puppet show with our wide range of hand puppet temporary tattoos, starring aliens, horses, knights, and princesses.

Fingerstache temporary tattoos

Fingerstache mustache temporary tattoos

Hand Puppet temporary tattoos

Hand Puppet temporary tattoos

How are you celebrating National Humor Month? Let us know: @tattoosales or  Tattoo Manufacturing on Facebook.

Class of 2012 – Ideas to Help You Celebrate Graduation

April 12, 2012

baby graduation cap

Just in time for the Class of 2012 to walk across the stage, Tattoo Manufacturing has released a new line of graduation temporary tattoos. Celebrate graduation with our wide selection of diploma, “Class of 2012” and graduation cap tattoos!

Congrats Grad colorful stars temporary tattoo

Whether your grad is finishing kindergarten or college, your crew can cheer from the stands with our “Congrats Grad!” tattoos.

Congrats Grad temporary tattoo

Celebrate graduation in your school’s color. We offer graduation tattoos in many common school spirit colors.

Graduation school spirit colors blue and yellow temporary tattoos

Proudly show off your school’s mascot on your arm or cheek. Trojans? Wildcats? Pirates? We have all your favorite mascots.

wildcats graduation mascot temporary tattoo

Congrats to the Class of 2012 from Tattoo Manufacturing! Looking for more graduation inspiration? We celebrated the Class of 2011 and the Class of 2010 on our blog, too.

Go Green on Earth Day with Temporary Tattoos

April 9, 2012

Earth Day is April 22, and here at Tattoo Manufacturing we’re focusing on all things green all month long.

We all need helpful reminders to go green, and temporary tattoos are a fun way to get in the Earth Day spirit.

Finishing your lunchtime soda? Reduce, reuse and recycle tattoos are a great reminder to toss that can into the recycle bin – not the trash can.

Earth Day Recycle green temporary tattoo

Kids love temporary tattoos, and Earth Day is the perfect time to turn your kids’ favorite body art into memorable lessons about protecting the planet.

Try handing out animal-themed tattoos to remind your children and students that their daily actions have an effect on both humans and animals.

go green paw print temporary tattooEarth Day turtle green temporary tattoogo green bird temporary tattoo

Schools and community groups can spread the Earth Day message year-round with custom temporary tattoos. Promote recycling and conserving and give good citizens a way to mark their own green behavior. Temporary tattoos are an affordable and fun way to celebrate going green.

I Recycled Today temporary tattoo

Go green with custom temporary tattoos

Choose your favorite green tattoo from our in-stock designs, or create your own green body art. How are you celebrating Earth Day with your friends, family and coworkers? Tell us your plans in the comments section, tweet us @tattoosales, or tell us on Facebook.

Planning Kid-Approved Birthday Parties

April 5, 2012

Who doesn’t love a good birthday party?

Parents are getting more and more creative when it comes to planning flawlessly executed, extremely detailed themed kids’ parties. But you don’t need to be a Super Mom or Dad to plan a memorable, fun birthday party for your kids. All it takes it a little planning and an emphasis on FUN.

Choose one central theme to get your party planning started. A theme will guide all of your party decisions from decor to favors to food.

We have several theme ideas for boys’ and girls’ parties, based on our most popular temporary tattoo designs. Kids LOVE receiving temporary tattoos at parties, either as an activity at the party or a favor to enjoy at home.

Girls Birthday Party Theme Ideas

1. Hello Kitty  2. Owl 3. Snow White 4. Butterfly 5. Ariel

Boys Birthday Party Themes

1. Batman 2. Spiderman  3. Pirate  4. Dinosaur  5. Sheriff

Find all your kids’ favorite temporary tattoos at

Or, create custom temporary tattoos just for the party. Any of our in-stock designs can be customized just for you. So, your birthday girl could give all her friends “Harper’s 6th Birthday Bash” tattoos.

Looking for more inspiration? We’re pinning all of our favorite birthday party ideas on Pinterest.

Creative Prom Ideas

April 2, 2012

Are you (or someone you know) gearing up for Prom?

Spring is in the air, and to help you prep for the big dance, we’ve compiled our best ideas to make this year’s Prom special.

1. Ask your date to prom in a creative (and romantic!) way. Try spelling out the “PROM” question with letter tattoos.

Ask Girl to Prom with Temporary Tattoos on Fingers

2. Add a cute temporary accessory to your prom-night look

We love the look of a playful feather or sophisticated jewelry tattoos paired with the perfect prom dress.

Girls wearing temporary tattoos with prom dresses

3. Order custom tattoos for your whole crew

You’ll be a shoe-in for Prom King or Queen if you provide custom temporary tattoos for everyone in your group.

On the Prom planning committee? Design custom tattoos with the date of the big day, or with the Prom theme, and hand them out at the dance.

Custom personalized temporary tattoos for prom

Custom themed temporary tattoos for prom night

Order your tats in time for Prom night – get on over to!

Tattoo Spotlight: Mustache Madness

March 29, 2012

When our friends at the South Carolina Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy ordered fingerstache tattoos from us recently, we had to get the full scoop on how and why the nonprofit was using our office-favorite ‘stache tattoos.

Fingerstache temporary tattoos for nonprofit fundraiser

The answer? The group is holding a “March Madness”-themed fundraiser known as “Mustache Madness.” Starting in mid-March, the SC Campaign challenged 19 men to grow their best mustache, set a fundraising goal, and petition their friends and family to help them reach their donated dollar total. The catch? None of the competitors may shave their ‘stache until they reach their goal! The contestants include a pastor, a doctor, a musician, a restauranteur, a lawyer, a group of fraternity members, and a pilot.

Mustache March

To support the 19 mustache-growing men, SC Campaign’s friends, employees, and supporters are showing off their own (temporary tattoo) mustaches.

Fingerstache temporary tattoos

Finger mustache temporary tattoos for fundraiser

Interested in donating? Vote for your favorite South Carolina ‘stache and support the South Carolina Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy. Act fast – Mustache Madness ends on April 9th.

Ink at #SXSW: temporary tattoo roundup

March 26, 2012

While the Tattoo Manufacturing team didn’t make it to Austin for SXSW this year, we’ve kept an eye on our Twitter feeds and blog rolls for play-by-plays from the festival. Every year at SXSW, companies unveil new products and break out creative new marketing strategies, and 2012 was no different.

We’re biased, but our favorite word-of-mouth marketing tool is custom temporary tattoos. Here are our favorite custom tattoos that created buzz at this year’s SXSW.

First, the brands who gave out fake ink during SXSW Interactive:

1. SlideRocket:

SlideRocket temporary tattoo from sxsw

2. Librarians! ALA tattoos:

Librarian temporary tattoos at SXSW

3. You and Who – “heart on your sleeve” tattoos

You and Who tattoo at SXSW

You and Who tattoos

4. Rackspace – these tattoo “sleeves” aren’t actually temporary tattoos, but we still love them!

Rackspace tattoo sleeve at SXSW

Bands got in on the temporary tattoo fun during the music-focused portion of SXSW.

The band Miike Snow promoted their new album, Happy to You, with scan-able QR code temporary tattoos.

SXSW Miike Snow band QR code tattoo

Did we miss any great tattoo stories? Did you spot sweet tats at SXSW? Give us the scoop in the comments or tweet us @tattoosales.

To order your own custom temporary tattoos, visit our easy-to-use marketing headquarters at

Decorating Easter eggs with temporary tattoos

March 22, 2012

Decorating easter eggs with temporary tattoos

Spring has sprung, and we’re excited to celebrate warmer weather and springtime holidays. One of our favorite new spring traditions is decorating Easter eggs with temporary tattoos. We’ve heard from a lot of people with questions about using temporary tattoos to decorate eggs.

We held an Easter egg decorating test-run at Tattoo Manufacturing HQ this week, and today we’re sharing our tips and tricks for foolproof (and fun!) egg decorating with temporary tattoos.

First, we gathered all of our favorite Easter tattoo designs. Easter baskets, bunnies, colorful eggs, chicks, and butterflies were all invited. We also assembled vinegar and dye to color our eggs.Easter eggs and temporary tattoos

Easter egg decorating step 1 - preparing

Next, we dyed a few of our eggs.

Dying easter eggs

We tried applying tattoos to dyed (still wet) eggs, but we found that the tattoos stuck to the eggs much better if we applied the tattoo first, and then dunked the egg in the dye.

So, we got busy applying tattoos on our eggs.

First, we chose a tattoo design.

easter egg with butterfly tattoo before applying

Next, we centered the tattoo on the egg and dabbed the tattoo gently with a damp paper towel, moving from one side of the tattoo to the other so that the entire tattoo design stuck to the egg.

Applying a temporary tattoo to an Easter egg

Then, we peeled away the paper tattoo back – voila! – to reveal our design. Sometimes we needed a few more pats with our damp cloth to smooth out any wrinkles.

Beautiful Easter egg decorated with pink butterfly temporary tattoo

Once we nailed down the perfect process, we went to town decorating the rest of our eggs.

Applying temporary tattoo to Easter egg

Bunny easter egg decorated with temporary tattoo

We left some of the tattooed eggs white, and dyed a few others.

Easter eggs with chick

After a few minutes of tattooing and dying, we had an entire basket of fun decorated eggs.

basket of eggs with temporary tattoos

Easter eggs decorated and dyed in basket

To recreate our egg decorating party with your family, you’ll need:

Of course, all of our temporary tattoos are made in the USA, and are safe and toxin-free for your skin and for eggs. Make sure you look for temporary tattoos that are made in the USA and skin-safe!

Announcing a HUGE tattoo giveaway!

March 19, 2012

Temporary Tattoo GIveaway

We’re excited to announce our BIG spring giveaway! Starting today, enter the Personalized Tattoo Giveaway on the Tattoo Manufacturing Facebook page for your chance to win 1,000 custom temporary tattoos!

Yep, you read that right – we’re giving away 1,000 custom tattoos.

With 1,000 temporary tattoos in ANY design, you’ll be the hit of your next birthday party, Cinco de Mayo fiesta, happy hour, play group, soccer game, swim meet, barbeque, or company event. Basically, you’ll be the most popular person in any room.

Start brainstorming how YOU would use your custom tattoos, and enter to win at the Tattoo Manufacturing Facebook page.

Tell your friends! Your neighbors! Your coworkers! Your dog! (Okay, maybe not your dog). Enter to win today! The contest closes on Monday, April 2.

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