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Something Old, Something New, Something Temporary? and Something Blue

February 2, 2012

The spring and summer wedding season is fast-approaching, and we know there are lots of brides out there spending hours and hours planning every fun and creative wedding detail.

As usual, we’re here to help, and we’re filling a Pinterest board with our finds for unique, budget-friendly, DIY weddings. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Surprise your guests with fun temporary tattoos as favors. Create a custom design that includes the bride & groom’s names and wedding date. Or, give your guests something to smile about and set the party mood with custom tattoos bearing the message “I had a blast at (Katie and Patrick)’s wedding bash!” (insert your names here). Distribute the tattoo favors by placing a tattoo at each guest’s dinner seat, or set up a temporary tattoo “parlor” station with water and small towels.
Temporary tattoo wedding favors in basket
Display your temporary tattoo favors for guests to enjoy. Source:
Katie & Patrick custom heart tattoo

Custom bride + groom wedding tattoo

Temporary tattoo favors in bags

Tattoo favors packaged to go! Source:

  • Photo booths are a popular trend at wedding receptions. Provide your custom temporary tattoos, or a variety of themed temporary tattoos, as fun and affordable “props” for your photo booth. Temporary tattoos are props that guests can gladly wear home

    Kid enjoying temporary tattoos at wedding


  • Brides are always looking for cute and creative ways to wear their “something blue.” We’ve heard ideas that range from carrying a blue handkerchief around the bouquet to writing special notes in blue on the bottom of wedding shoes. Our idea: use temporary tattoos as your “something blue.” Show your love with your groom’s name or your wedding date in a blue temporary tattoo. And, save extra “something blue” tattoos to wear as a happy memory of your wedding day on anniversaries to come.

    Bride with groom's name as "something blue" temporary tattoo

    Photo: Scott Drexler, PhotosOnMaui. Source:

  • We have also heard from many brides who used temporary tattoos as fun favors and activities at other wedding-related events: bridal showers, engagement parties, and, of course, bachelorette parties.
  • Celebrate your wedded bliss and let everyone know you’re newlyweds by sporting custom “Just Married” tattoos on your honeymoon.

Order your custom wedding tattoos – for your guests, your bridesmaids, or yourself – at Use code BLOG15 for 15% off your order. And, take advantage of our everyday free shipping on every order.

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Say I Do, Wedding Temporary Tattoos!

June 1, 2011

Custom Wedding Temporary Tattoos will be The Talk of Your Wedding!

Have you been searching for a unique way to make your wedding day stand out? Look no further! Custom Wedding Temporary Tattoos allow you to create your own special element for your big day, and Tattoo Manufacturing can custom print a temporary tattoo to fit right in with what you are looking for. Custom Temporary Tattooscan be used in many different facets of your wedding day. They can be worn by the bride or groom to add a fun element to their appearance, given away as party favors to the guests, or even set up as a station so that guests can apply them during the reception.

Wedding Temporary Tattoos

Upload Your Own Custom Temporary Tattoo...A Minimum Of Only 100! Or Select An In-Stock Design and Customize!

Why Choose Wedding Temporary Tattoos?

You may be wondering, what makes temporary tattoos so great? Well, with custom temporary tattoos your guests will remember how fantastic your wedding was forever (or at least for the next few days) because they will be branded with your names, and the date of your wedding right on their skin. Custom temporary tattoos allow you the freedom to choose the design you want, and add different elements to make it your own. Ordering Custom Temporary Tattoos is simple, find the art that you like, add your customization, and send it to us! We will take care of the sizing and formatting and make sure you have a beautifully finished product. Your wedding day should be special, and temporary tattoos can give it that extra touch.

Hearts and Roses Wedding Temporary Tattoo

Hearts and Roses Wedding Temporary Tattoo

Custom Temporary Tattoos are Perfect for Any Occasion or Event!

Custom Temporary Tattoos can be used for many other fun occasions as well. Baby showers, birthday parties, graduation parties and even sporting events are great uses for your own special tattoos. Temporary tattoos are an easy and inexpensive way to express whatever you want to say about your occasion. Why not say exactly what you want by putting it on your body? You can have the date, a photo, a symbolic picture, or simply a statement, creating a unique keepsake for your guests and yourself. Custom Tattoos allow you to have a product that no one else has, adding a completely unique element to your event. You can order 100 custom temporary tattoos for as little as $45 or 1,000 tattoos starting at $89. Plus, when you place your order online, shipping is always free! Ordering online is as easy as uploading your image and entering your shipping address – we’ll take care of the rest! We always ship your tattoos within 7 business days. Once you place your order, expect a brilliant product to arrive for you to showcase your unique custom idea.

Love is Forever Temporary Tattoo for Weddings

Love is Forever Temporary Tattoo for Weddings

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