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A Firecrackin’ Idea

June 4, 2010

Do you have 4th of July on the brain?4th of July Temporary Tattoo

For many, it’s a paid holiday, a chance to catch up with family and friends and a once-in-a-year opportunity to watch beautiful fireworks demonstrations.  We know some of you are thinking about the holiday already because orders have started to come in for 4th of July tattoos!

5 Reasons Why a 4th of July Tattoo is a Firecrackin’ Idea!

1.  Kids love temporary tattoos!

Explosions, food, and laughter: kids always have fun on the 4th of July.  You can add to that experience by bringing temporary tattoos into the mix.

4th of July Temporary Tattoos

2.  They make excellent, easy party favors

Create laughter and conversation by having temporary tattoos to giveaway.  They can be placed on the buffet or at the bar.  Guests will appreciate your creativity.

3.  It’s patriotic

Independence Day Temporary Tattoo

Tattoo available at

Everyone is searching for gear to wear on the 4th of July.  A t-shirt, pin, red bandanna: anything to show pride for the USA.  Wearing a patriotic temporary tattoo is a fun, unique addition to your outfit.

4.  Create memories

We remember events that we enjoy.  You can make your 4th of July get-together memorable by adding tattoos to the mix.  Make it even more memorable by adding custom 4th of July tattoos to the mix.  Imagine the image below with a banner underneath that read, “Happy 4th of July from the Johnsons!”

5.  A little bit of fun for you

It’s not often you can wear a cheesy tattoo and get away with it!  Have some fun this 4th of July by sporting a temporary tattoo.  Your family will get a kick out of it and you may even spark conversation with strangers.

Independence Day Temporary Tattoo

Tattoo available at

So show some spirit and sport a 4th of July temporary tattoo!  As Martina McBride sings, “It’s Independence Day!”

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Temporary Tattoos: Top Selling Designs

June 3, 2010

When it comes to temporary tattoo designs, nobody knows what is more popular than…you!  We want to take a moment to highlight four of the top selling designs.  Keep in mind that any of these designs can be customized to fit your event or style.

Pink Ribbon

Pink Ribbon Temporary TattooThe Pink Ribbon tattoo has been a top seller for years.  They are great to giveaway at charity events or to pass out at meetings.  We see many people customizing these as well; adding a website to the front, date of an event or the name of a survivor.  These are also excellent fundraising tools.  Many event planners will sell these tattoos, customized or not, at a walk-a-thon or other gathering to raising money for breast cancer research.

Chinese Symbols

The most popular Chinese symbols are ‘friends’, ‘courage’, ‘truth’ and’ energy’.

Temporary Body Tattoos

These are fun to wear but also fun to give away to fiends.  Simple and unambiguous, they make great party favors and meaningful greeting card additions.

Temporary  Body Tattoos


Many schools and youth sports teams order these paws.  They are available in virtually every color and are fully customizable.  Go team!


This classic butterfly temporary tattoo has been gaining popularity this year.   It is vibrant, detailed and beautiful: three must-have qualities in a butterfly tattoo.

Temporary Body Tattoos

These top selling designs demonstrate the versatility of the temporary tattoo.  They can be used as fundraising tools, symbols of affection for friends, team spirit builders or as beautiful compliments to any look.  Plus, since these deigns are fully customizable, you can easily turn our top design into your unique design.

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Top 10 Temporary Tattoo Designs

May 19, 2010

We’ve analyzed search traffic, market trends and our own sales data to come up with a list of the Top 10 Temporary Tattoo Designs.  Some of these designs are classic, others are very trendy.  Some are edgy and sexy while others are subdued and mythical.  What they all have in common is that they’re hot right now.

1.      Henna

Henna temporary tattoos are searched for on the Web more than any other design.  We looked at henna versus Chanel temporary tattoos last month.  What truly makes this design so popular is that it is versatile.  It can be manipulated and worn anywhere on the body.  The designs are classy and appeal to virtually every demographic.

2.      Ed Hardy

Ed Hardy Temporary Tattoos

Ed Hardy temporary tattoos have been growing in popularity for years.  The reason for this is simple: as the Ed Hardy brand grows in popularity, so do Ed Hardy temporary tattoos.  We’ve written about Ed Hardy as body art.  Every Ed Hardy tattoo is vibrant and detailed; the perfect combination for a temporary tattoo.

3.      Celtic

Celtic designs are as classic as the tattoo itself.  Most Celtic temporary tattoos are black and white line art.  This design scheme looks incredibly realistic and is appropriate for almost any occasion.

4.      Skulls

Edgy and sure to draw attention, skull temporary tattoos are a classic favorite.  They can be worn as a subdued compliment to an ensemble or act as the basis for an entire look.  Either way, skull temporary tattoos are sure to remain among the top designs for years to come.

5.      Lower Back

The lower back temporary tattoo is a favorite design among young women.  Whether going out to a club or grocery shopping on Sunday morning, a lower back tattoo can be a very sexy compliment to any look.  If it is a high quality tattoo, it will look very realistic, making the lower back temporary tattoo a sexy addition without the commitment.

6.      Rose

Flower Temporary Tattoos

The rose is the most well-loved tattoo design.  Because it is classic, there are a wide variety of designs available, making the rose temporary tattoo a great choice for all ages.

7.      Butterfly

Butterfly temporary tattoo designs have always been popular because they represent beauty and youth.  They come in many sizes and colors, so there is a butterfly for every look and mood.

8.     Stars

Star Temporary Tattoos

No design symbolizes energy and mystery like a star.  Great for the night and the day, star temporary tattoo designs are continuing to grow in popularity.

9.      Vintage/Traditional

Vintage temporary tattoo designs are popular because they’re classic and fun.  Check out a blog post we devoted exclusively to vintage temporary tattoos.  They look great and are sure to spark conversation.

10.     Glitter

It won’t look realistic, but it will look great!  Glitter temporary tattoos are a fun addition to any look.

Knowing what temporary tattoo designs are popular right now takes the guesswork out of selecting a design and offers a great starting place when creating a custom temporary tattoo.  Your business logo and information on the back of a great Henna design, for example, could make for a great promotional product.


10 Reasons You Should Get a Custom Temporary Tattoo

May 1, 2010

Custom Temporary Tattoos

1. It’s 100% You

In a world where everything is customized from our ring tones to our twitter handles to our Jones Soda labels, why shouldn’t you have your own custom temporary tattoo?  Choose a design that fits your personality or create a work of art and turn it into a temporary tattoo.  It would be something that is truly unique to you and a great conversation starter.

2. Raise money for your group

Custom temporary tattoos are great fundraisers.  Print tattoos of your school mascot and sell them at football games. Offer them in place of face paint at a fair or community event.  Since they’re inexpensive to purchase, selling temporary tattoos can be very profitable for your group.  Plus, they’re healthier than a candy bar.

3. Turn your customers into walking billboards

If you’re a business owner you know how difficult it can be to meaningfully measure the ROI on promotional products.   For a promotional product to be successful, it has to be kept and, ideally, passed around.  The more consumers who see it, the more value you’re getting for every dollar spent.  For this reason, temporary tattoos as promotional products are a great idea.  On the skin they will draw the attention of others and they are probably the least expensive promotional product on the market.  You can’t go wrong.

4. Entice team spirit

Nothing brings a team together more than matching gear.  Jackets, socks, bags; the possibilities are endless.  Sporting team tattoos can evoke team spirit the same way.  From cheerleaders wearing a team mascot on their cheeks to a speech club wearing the team motto under a suit sleeve, custom temporary tattoos are great for pumping up team spirit!

5. Drive support for a cause

Whether it’s a pink ribbon, recycling symbol or picture of a candidate, temporary tattoos are great for promoting a cause.  Plus, they’re fun to hand out and great conversation starters.

6. Grandpa never goes out of style

Custom temporary tattoos are great for birthday parties and anniversaries.  Have pictures of the birthday boy or couple made into tattoos to hand out.  Guests will get a kick out of the unique party favor and the tattoos make great souvenirs.

7. Showcase your child’s art

Of course your child is the next Picasso!  Your child’s artwork as a temporary tattoo is creative and makes for a great keepsake.  Plus, the application of a temporary tattoo is a great motor skills builder.

8. Surprise your significant other

With his or her name somewhere sweet.  Need we say more?

9.  Try it before you buy it

It goes without saying that getting a permanent tattoo is a major decision.  So, instead of taking the plunge right away, have a custom tattoo made of your chosen design and wear it for a few days.  You wouldn’t buy a car without test driving it, right?

10.  It’s a no-brainer

Ordering a custom temporary tattoo is simple.  Select any image file and send it in.  We’ll work with you to make sure it’s the correct size and type.  Then leave the rest up to us.  We’ll print and ship your custom tattoos within 5-7 days.  And if you place it online, the order will ship for free!

Visit or call 800-747-8016.  What could be more fun? Use blog15 now to save 15% on your next purchase! Shipping is always free in the United States (minimum online order is only $10).

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