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Cheer on Your Team’s Stars with Sports Number Tattoos!

May 17, 2012

A lot of temporary tattoo fans have been asking for more sports tattoos. We listened, and we’re excited to unveil a new line of Tattoo Manufacturing tattoos. Just in time for summer baseball games, sports camps, and competitions: sports number tattoos!

Temporary tattoos soccer sports

Each tattoo sheet has 34 temporary tattoos: the numbers 0-9 and a paw print. Our sports number tattoos are available in all of the most popular team colors: red, yellow, purple, orange, navy, maroon, green, gold, brown, blue, and black.

Purple sports number temporary tattoos

Wear your favorite athlete’s number with pride, and show your support from the sidelines or the stands. Or, if you’re a player, show off your number on your cheek or arm while you’re on the field.

Sports Temporary Tattoos Baseball

Looking for more ways to show your team spirit? Check out our mascot tattoos and eye black options. Go Team!

Swim Team Tattoos – Eat My Bubbles!

May 7, 2012

Early May means temperatures in the 90s here in Tucson, and that means one thing to a lot of kids we know: swim season!

As you gear up for morning swim practices and all-day swim meets, consider adding some fun to your team’s routine with team spirit temporary tattoos.

One of our favorite local swim teams, the Catalina Terrace Marlins, shows their team pride every summer with fun custom tattoos. Temporary tattoos stay on in the shower and in the pool, so they’ll last through even the most competitive relays and dives.

swim team marlins custom temporary tattoo

swim team marlins eat my bubbles temporary tattoo

Give your team’s temporary tattoos to all of your swimmers. Plus, you can add tattoos to your fundraising strategy. Try selling your temporary tattoos for $1 each to parents, friends, and siblings at your home meets to raise money for the team.

Girl swim team tattoos Catalina Terrace Marlins

Boy swim team tattoos Catalina Terrace Marlins

You can create custom temporary tattoos from any logo, photo, or name. Or, try customizing any of our 3,500+ in-stock tattoo designs. Get started with your custom tattoo order, and save 15% with the code BLOG15.

Athletes + temporary tattoos = the perfect sponsorship

March 12, 2012

Earlier this year, we were buzzing about U.S. runner Nick Symmonds’ temporary tattoos. Nick has been actively appealing the sponsorship rules of track and field’s international ruling body, the IAAF.

Nick raised awareness about the restrictions (and drummed up some DIY sponsorship) by auctioning off his arm space on eBay. The auction winner (with a bid of $11,100) was Hanson Dodge, an advertising agency based in Milwaukee, WI that specializes in active lifestyle promotions.

Nick has been sporting Hanson Dodge temporary tattoos as he travels around the world to his pre-Olympic competitions.

And since Nick’s buzz-worthy auction, we’ve seen other athletes using their skin to promote sponsors. Jordan Scott, a U.S. pole vaulter, posted a picture on Twitter of his Powerbar tattoo and matching hairdo. Looking good, Jordan!

Jordan Scott wears Powerbar temporary tattoo


Kudos to Nick for starting a temporary tattoo trend! If you’re interested in building a sponsorship campaign using temporary tattoos, visit our Custom Tattoos information page. Tattoo Manufacturing can create affordable custom temporary tattoos using your company’s logo or message.

Tattoo Spotlight: Team Sparkle

February 13, 2012

When you think about marathons, what are the first words that come to mind? Sweat? Tears? 26.2 grueling miles?

We’re betting that you don’t immediately associate marathons with words like: Sparkle. Skirts. Wings. Pixie Dust. Temporary Tattoos. But that just means that you haven’t met Team Sparkle yet.

Kelly Lewis, one of the creators of Team Sparkle, tells us their story: A few years ago, Kelly and two friends, Elise Wallace and Carrie Lundell, were training for their first marathon. One day, one of the women’s young daughter insisted on wearing a sparkly skirt from their dress-up box while she was mountain biking.  It seemed crazy, but her mother was able to see her (and her sparkly skirt) from far away. The idea to wear sparkly skirts during the marathon was born.

Kelly Lewis representing Team Sparkle at Disneyland Half Marathon

Kelly Lewis representing Team Sparkle at Disneyland Half Marathon

When Kelly and her friends showed up to the marathon in their sparkly outfits, they got so many compliments from fellow runners that they launched their business, Team Sparkle, right there on the marathon course.

These days, Team Sparkle is about more than skirts. Their online store sells racing skirts, wings, “race legs” (socks) and “sparkle sleeves” (arm warmers). And, the group is building a community – a team- around the idea of bringing the fun back to every run. Team Sparkle has also become synonymous with fun temporary tattoos. Kelly and team hand out special branded tattoos (“13.1” and “Team Sparkle”) at pre-race events and expos to spread the Team Sparkle cheer. And, every online order that ships out is packaged with a business card and a Team Sparkle tattoo.

Team Sparkle temporary tattoo

Team Sparkle temporary tattoo

“Everyone loves the tattoos!” Kelly explains. “The product is great because it stays on so well. The tattoos last a good week.” Team Sparkle’s temporary tattoos have helped them build brand recognition. Kelly regularly sees people that she has never met sporting Team Sparkle tattoos as part of their race outfit.

Runners wearing race temporary tattoos

Runners who count temporary tattoos & sparkle skirts as race must-haves

Learn more about Team Sparkle at Can’t wait to get your hands on custom tattoos for your group or brand? Get started with your affordable promotion at

Cheer on your team with temporary tattoos

January 18, 2012

Super Bowl 46 is Sunday, February 5th. On your party to-do list: make crowd-pleasing snacks, wash your lucky team shirt, and make sure that everyone is sporting plenty of team spirit.

Temporary tattoos are one way to spread the team spirit. Get everyone in game mode with temporary eye black – a surefire favorite for everyone from the tiniest sports fans to your gridiron-loving grandma.

Young football player wearing eye black

Future linebacker wearing eye black

Eye black temporary tattoos

Eye black temporary tattoos - buy for the whole gang

This season, are you also rooting for local or kids’ sports teams? Order tattoos for the whole team (and all their fans on the sidelines) and make your team the envy of the league. Selling temporary tattoos at games and events is a great way to fundraise for your team.

Go Team red sports temporary tattoos

Go Team red sports temporary tattoos

Bobcats sports team temporary tattoos

Bobcats sports team temporary tattoos

Eagles sports team temporary tattoos

Eagles sports team temporary tattoos

Browse many more mascot temporary tattoos for your team, and use code BLOG15 for 15% off your order.

Temporary Sports Tattoos Are : A Winning Idea!

November 10, 2011

Showing support for your favorite sports team is something that everyone can enjoy, and with temporary sports tattoos it is quick and easy! When you are getting ready to watch the big game, why not apply a temporary tattoo that shows support for your team? Mascots, team colors, and supportive sayings such as “Go Team” are great ideas to add a fun element to any sporting event. Temporary tattoos are inexpensive, and easy to apply making game day fun unique and interesting. Having people over for the game? Why not offer your guests a fun souvenir to remember the game by with a temporary tattoo? Temporary Tattoos are sure to score big points with your friends.

Sports Tattoos

These Sports Temporary Tattoos are Great for Your Team!

Temporary Sports Tattoos – Touchdown!

Many parents look for fun and interesting way to support their children when they are playing sports, and show them that they care. Temporary tattoos for your child’s sports team are a great idea. You can create custom temporary tattoos for your kid’s specific team, and your child will be thrilled to see their team on a tattoo. Temporary tattoos for kids are a fun way to get them pumped up for their games. Team tattoos are an exciting addition to the team uniform, and kids will love showing off their spirit with tattoos of their team, while playing their favorite sport. Fans and players alike will enjoy the simple, fun, and spirited idea of a temporary tattoo.

Eye Black Tattoos

These Eye Black Temporary Tattoos Make Being a Fan Fun!

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