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Restaurants that rock temporary tattoos: Hay Market Willow Glen

April 19, 2012

There are two things that we love at Tattoo Manufacturing: temporary tattoos (you probably could have guessed that one) and food.

So, we feel like we’ve hit the jackpot when we hear about restaurants creating their own tattoos.

temporary tattoos for restaurants

Exhibit A: Hay Market, a restaurant serving up seasonal American cuisine and freshly-minted temporary tattoos in the Willow Glen neighborhood of San Jose, CA.

Hay Market, run by chef Joe Cirone, has been a big hit since its opening in the summer of 2011. Nine months later, patrons are coming back for the always-changing menu AND for the quirky temporary tattoos. At the end of every meal at Hay Market, the check comes with a couple of special extras: freshly baked cookies, temporary tattoos & warm, damp towels.

hay market willow glen restaurant temporary tattoo

Joe reports that his restaurant guests sometimes apply the tattoos (Hay Market’s cow head logo) right away, and sometimes they take the tattoos home to their kids. “I’ve been all the way across town before and I’ve seen people wearing our tattoos,” he says. Joe likes the way that his tattoos carry his brand out of the restaurant with the people who are wearing them. “People wear the tattoos for the next four or five days, and they’re sharing the brand.”

hay market willow glen restaurant temporary tattoo on skin


For more information about Hay Market Willow Glen, visit their website. To order your own custom temporary tattoos, check out Tattoo Manufacturing’s custom tattoo design center.

Tattoo Spotlight: Mustache Madness

March 29, 2012

When our friends at the South Carolina Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy ordered fingerstache tattoos from us recently, we had to get the full scoop on how and why the nonprofit was using our office-favorite ‘stache tattoos.

Fingerstache temporary tattoos for nonprofit fundraiser

The answer? The group is holding a “March Madness”-themed fundraiser known as “Mustache Madness.” Starting in mid-March, the SC Campaign challenged 19 men to grow their best mustache, set a fundraising goal, and petition their friends and family to help them reach their donated dollar total. The catch? None of the competitors may shave their ‘stache until they reach their goal! The contestants include a pastor, a doctor, a musician, a restauranteur, a lawyer, a group of fraternity members, and a pilot.

Mustache March

To support the 19 mustache-growing men, SC Campaign’s friends, employees, and supporters are showing off their own (temporary tattoo) mustaches.

Fingerstache temporary tattoos

Finger mustache temporary tattoos for fundraiser

Interested in donating? Vote for your favorite South Carolina ‘stache and support the South Carolina Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy. Act fast – Mustache Madness ends on April 9th.

Weekend recap: temporary tattoos at Tucson Festival of Books

March 15, 2012

We had a blast last weekend at one of our favorite hometown events, the Tucson Festival of Books. March weather in Arizona can’t be beat, and we loved the chance to soak up some sun AND meet a steady stream of temporary tattoo fans! Here’s a peek of at the fun we had. To see all of our Tucson Festival of Books pictures, check out the full Flickr album.

Everyone wanted to get inked by our temporary tattoo crew.

Applying temporary tattoo

We met a LOT of Hello Kitty fans:

Girl with Hello Kitty temporary tattoo

Group of kids with Hello Kitty temporary tattoos

Several aspiring super heroes:

Boy with Superman temporary tattoo on chest

Boy with Superman temporary tattoo on chest

Superman temporary tattoo

And a few folks who were spreading the Tucson Festival of Books loooove.

Girl with kiss temporary tattoo

Guy with kiss temporary tattoo

The event was a huge success, and we loved the buzz that our temporary tattoos created. Interested in using temporary tattoos (one of our in-stock designs OR a custom creation) at your next festival, fair, party or event? We have plenty of options for any event at

Tattoo Spotlight: sfgirlbybay Logo Business Cards

February 6, 2012

We love the idea of using temporary tattoos as creative promotions – for brands, local groups, and small businesses. So, we’re always thrilled to hear about Tattoo Manufacturing customers who have huge success with the tattoos they order.

Recently, blogger and designer Victoria Smith, editor of sfgirlbybay, was looking for better business cards. She already had a killer logo, thanks to her friends and fellow designers Anna Dorfman and Shanna Murray. Victoria ordered paper business cards, but she wasn’t happy with the quality of the paper. She is a fan of Tattly temporary tattoos, and has been following the current temporary tattoo trend. So, she thought, wouldn’t a temporary tattoo business card be fun?

Victoria ordered custom tattoos, using her logo, from, to use at the Alt Design Summit. At the conference, she offered her tattoos to people when she introduced herself, in lieu of the traditional business card exchange. People loved her temporary tattoos! Some people applied the tattoos on the spot. Victoria was even approached by a curious group of people who were attending a different conference next door – and soon they were sporting Victoria’s logo, too.

As a veteran of the printing industry, Victoria says that she was most impressed by the quality of the temporary tattoos. She had the tattoos shipped directly to the hotel where she was staying for the conference, and had no idea what to expect. We’re glad that Victoria was pleasantly surprised!

Read more about Victoria on her blog. Learn more about creating your own temporary tattoo business cards in our recent detailed post, and get started with your own tattoos at

Promote Your Business with Unique Temporary Tattoo Business Cards

January 30, 2012

At trade shows and meetings, clients walk away with stacks of nearly-identical business cards. Contact information gets copied and stored, and the actual business card ends up in the trash.

In an increasingly digital world, where email address books have replaced the Rolodex, businesses have to get creative to set their cards (and their brand) apart. One way to make sure your business card doesn’t end up at the bottom of the trash can: add something memorable that potential clients will want to show off. We love the idea of using temporary tattoos as unique, fun business cards.

Tattoo Manufacturing custom tattoos are affordable tools for businesses – pricing starts at just $45 for 100 custom temporary tattoos.

Girl wearing custom temporary tattoo and holding business card

Creative tattoo business card in action

Ready to create a unique business card that your contacts will keep? Here are our steps for success when planning your design:

1. Use your company’s name, logo and/or tagline as the actual tattoo.

Business card temporary tattoo design

2. Customize the back of the tattoo card with your contact information. Include all the ways your customers can interact with your company: your website, social media sites, blog, and special coupon codes. (Hint: customized tattoo backs areĀ  free with all custom tattoo orders at

Customized tattoo back with company contact information

Customized tattoo back

3. Keep your tattoo business cards with you and ready to hand out at meetings, office visits, trade shows, and networking events. If people know that you have a fun, interactive business card, you may find that your potential clients start specifically asking you for your cards so that they can share them with their colleagues, friends, and kids!

To get started, visit our custom tattoo design center.

Need help designing your business cards? Reach our expert customer service team at 1-877-776-5136 or

Runner auctions arm space to highest bidder

January 9, 2012

Many runners use temporary tattoos to track their race times. Runner’s World featured temporary tattoos that help marathoners see their total race times and mile splits, below:

Temporary tattoo helps marathoners track their mile splits

Temporary tattoo helps marathoners track their mile splits

But now, one runner is putting a different spin on running tattoos.

Nick Symmonds, a US top-ranked 800m Olympic runner, will wear a temporary tattoo during the 2012 Olympics in London. He just doesn’t know what the tattoo will say yet. Nick has opened an auction for his arm space on eBay – and the highest bidder will have their Twitter name broadcast on Nick’s body this summer.

Olympic runner auctions his arm for temporary tattoo message

Olympic runner auctions his arm for temporary tattoo message

What do you think? Would you put your skin space up for bidding? Do you think that more athletes and public figures will follow this Olympian’s lead? Let us know in the comments section.

Promotional Temporary Tattoos Are a Walking Advertisement!

June 24, 2011

Have you been looking for a way to promote your business that will stand out from the competition? Promotional Temporary tattoos can help you achieve that goal. Promotional temporary tattoos are a unique and different approach to getting your company noticed. You can have your company logo made into a temporary tattoo, or even a whole ad if you want to go a little bolder. Promotional temporary tattoos are versatile, and can be adapted to your business style.

How to Use Promotional Temporary Tattoos in Your Business

There are many ways that promotional temporary tattoos can be used as a promotion for your business. They can be distributed out to customers as a reminder for them to use your business. They can even be attached to your business card as a fun gesture. They can also be worn by people at your company events to draw attention to your logo and brand. Promotional custom temporary tattoos are an excellent idea because they are inexpensive, easy to use, and different from most other advertising ideas.


Can You Guess Which Country He is The President Of? Was It The Promotional Temporary Tattoo?

Leave a Lasting Impression with a Custom Temporary Tattoo !

Temporary tattoos are also an excellent idea for events! You can customize that tattoo to fit your event as well as choose an image that represents what you are trying to show. It is an interesting and fresh way to showcase your business at an event as well. You can hand out temporary tattoos of your logo and or brand name, and people will remember that they saw you. With temporary tattoos you can provide a unique reminder to your customers, that no one else will be able to give.

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