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Ink at #SXSW: temporary tattoo roundup

March 26, 2012

While the Tattoo Manufacturing team didn’t make it to Austin for SXSW this year, we’ve kept an eye on our Twitter feeds and blog rolls for play-by-plays from the festival. Every year at SXSW, companies unveil new products and break out creative new marketing strategies, and 2012 was no different.

We’re biased, but our favorite word-of-mouth marketing tool is custom temporary tattoos. Here are our favorite custom tattoos that created buzz at this year’s SXSW.

First, the brands who gave out fake ink during SXSW Interactive:

1. SlideRocket:

SlideRocket temporary tattoo from sxsw

2. Librarians! ALA tattoos:

Librarian temporary tattoos at SXSW

3. You and Who – “heart on your sleeve” tattoos

You and Who tattoo at SXSW

You and Who tattoos

4. Rackspace – these tattoo “sleeves” aren’t actually temporary tattoos, but we still love them!

Rackspace tattoo sleeve at SXSW

Bands got in on the temporary tattoo fun during the music-focused portion of SXSW.

The band Miike Snow promoted their new album, Happy to You, with scan-able QR code temporary tattoos.

SXSW Miike Snow band QR code tattoo

Did we miss any great tattoo stories? Did you spot sweet tats at SXSW? Give us the scoop in the comments or tweet us @tattoosales.

To order your own custom temporary tattoos, visit our easy-to-use marketing headquarters at

How Second Glass Uses Temporary Tattoos to Connect with Young Wine Fans

February 21, 2012

Meet Second Glass. They’re a company on a mission to make wine and wine-tasting more approachable for a younger generation. As co-founder Morgan First puts it, “how has an event that involves wine become so stale and stuffy?”

Second Glass Wine Riot Tattoo Station

Second Glass uses their signature event series, Wine Riot, to arm young people with information about wine in an exciting and fresh way. They keep Wine Riot fun by deploying DJs, photo booths, and temporary tattoos.

Why temporary tattoos? Morgan explains that “when people have tattoos on, the snootiness goes out the window.” Temporary tattoos change the atmosphere at a wine tasting from intimidating and snobby to approachable and relaxed. People aren’t scared to ask even the most basic wine questions, like “what’s a Merlot?” or “what does the year on the wine bottle mean?”

Applying a temporary tattoo at Wine Riot

Second Glass sets up a tattoo station at each Wine Riot event. Attendees clamor for the temporary tattoos, which Second Glass offers in loosely wine-themed and zany designs: a wine-loving mermaid, an octopus holding a wine bottle, and a tiger whose stripes spell “Drink More Wine.” The tattoo designs are by Second Glass designer Holly Gordon.

Morgan has found that using fun, original tattoo designs (instead of just a logo) make them extremely popular. And, the interactive tattoo station gives event organizers a place to talk directly to attendees and give them more information about Second Glass.

Wine Riot pin-up temporary tattoo

Second Glass Wine Riot temporary tattoos in action

We especially love the custom tattoo backs that are on the back of every Second Glass tattoo. Custom backs with the Second Glass logo and website ensure that every tattoo that leaves their event reminds attendees how they can find out more about Second Glass.

Second Glass temporary tattoo custom back

Second Glass temporary tattoo custom back

Infuse your event with some extra fun – design your own custom temporary tattoos.

5 Reasons Temporary Tattoos Should Be a Part of Your Next Fundraiser

February 16, 2012

We hear from a lot of happy Tattoo Manufacturing customers who use temporary tattoos as fundraisers. So, today we’re sharing our top 5 reasons that temporary tattoos are great money-makers.

1. Fans love to cheer on sports teams with temporary tattoos.

At sporting events, fans are always looking for ways to show their team spirit. Whether you’re promoting a high school football team, a local soccer league, or a neighborhood swim team, temporary tattoos are a unique way to boost team spirit and raise money for the team.

Cardinals mascot custom temporary tattoo

blue paw temporary tattoo

2. Temporary tattoos are a safe, healthy, family-friendly tool for nonprofit groups.

Messages about living a healthy lifestyle can be confusing when groups sell junk food and candy for their annual fundraisers. Avoid sending mixed messages by nixing the food sales and swapping in a food-free, safe treat like temporary tattoos.

Temporary tattoos are a strong fundraiser for nonprofit groups from religious organizations to Scout troops. Kids and adults alike love wearing temporary tattoos as a fun accessory.

Girl wearing marathon temporary tattoo

3. Temporary tattoos are a great way to create buzz at local events.

At festivals, fairs, and sports tournaments, tattoos aren’t just an item to sell – they’re a fun experience. Create a unique activity at your next event by setting up a temporary tattoo “parlor” and charging a nominal fee for each tattoo application. All you need are tattoos and a wet sponge (or paper towels) to apply the tattoos.

4. You can create a custom design that promotes your specific group, event, or message.

Custom event temporary tattoo

Create temporary tattoos using your group’s logo, name, or event date.

Even better, create several different temporary tattoo designs and encourage your fans and friends to collect all of them. Or, hold a contest for tattoo designs and choose the best submission for your tattoos.

5. Do the math! Temporary tattoos are an extremely affordable way to raise money fast.

While other promotional items require a fairly hefty starting budget, temporary tattoos are affordable for every group.

Here’s an example:

At, a soccer team can buy 300 2 x 2″ custom temporary tattoos for $82.08 total, or just $0.27 per tattoo.

If the team sells those 300 tattoos for $2 each, the team would make more than $500 in profit. Wow!

Get started with your unique fundraiser at Do you have a great fundraising story to share? Let us know by tweeting us @tattoosales or leaving a note in the Comments section.

Temporary Tattoos for President!

February 9, 2012

Temporary tattoos for Political Campaigns

Few voters have the political fervor needed to get a permanent tattoo of their favorite candidate’s name.

Luckily, no one has to get (permanently) inked to show their political support. Temporary tattoos are a fun way for voters to wear their heart (and their political affiliation) on their sleeve this election season.

Some politicians choose to create custom temporary tattoos, bearing their logo. Custom temporary tattoos are an affordable giveaway to enclose in donation thank-you letters or solicitations.

"Jane Doe for City Council" temporary tattoo

Use custom temporary tattoos for local elections

"John Somebody for Mayor" temporary tattoo

Energize supporters with temporary tattoos

Read our recap of how a Peruvian presidential candidate won an election, thanks in part to his promotions with temporary tattoos.

Another way to create buzz and excitement at political events: patriotic temporary tattoos. American flags and “USA” designs are a non-partisan way to boost a crowd’s energy.

Red, white and blue ribbon temporary tattoo

Patriotic ribbon tattoo

"United We Stand" American flag temporary tattoo

Energize political events with patriotic temporary tattoos

And, an idea for election day: instead of stickers, try handing out “I voted” temporary tattoos that voters can display on their hands.

"I Voted" Temporary Tattoo

Have you worn a candidate’s temporary tattoo? What are new and fun campaign tools you’ve seen this election cycle? Let us know in the comments!

Holiday Promotions with Temporary Tattoos

December 5, 2011

During the holidays, many companies offer special holiday deals to their customers. Perhaps it’s half off of a service, or a percentage off delivery costs. Whatever the deal may be, there is a new and exciting way that you can tell your customers about your holiday promotion. Temporary tattoos are a great way to promote your business, especially when you are running a special offer. They are inexpensive and customizable which makes them the perfect platform for reaching your customers this holiday season.

Dove temp tat

This Dove Temporary Tattoo is Great for Customizing!

Make Your Customer Jolly with Temporary Tattoos

Using temporary tattoos to promote your business or holiday special is a fun and different way to communicate with your customers what your company has to offer. You can pass out temporary tattoos at events your company is attending, or even mail them out with your holiday flyer as an extra gift for the recipient. Temporary tattoos are useful for this because when your customer receives them and applies them, other people will see them too. This will spread the message of your holiday deal to many people, and will bring more people back to you!

snowflake temp tat

Your Customers Will Love This Snowflake Temporary Tattoo!

Custom Holiday Fun with Temporary Tattoos

Custom holiday tattoos are perfect for any business trying to get their name out. You can customize any holiday tattoo design with the name of your business, contact information, or even putting the deal directly on the tattoos! There are many different sizes and designs to choose from, so you will be sure to find something that fits your needs. By providing your customers with these temporary tattoos, you are able to give them a reminder that will be right on their body to use your company. Temporary tattoos are inexpensive, easy to order, unique, and are sure to help you promote your business.

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Temporary Tattoos Put The Fun Back In FUNdrasing

November 12, 2011

Temporary tattoos are a fresh and fun idea for your next school fundraiser. By using fun and unique temporary tattoos, you will have a fundraiser that gets both kids and their parents excited about your school.  Temporary tattoos for kids are easy to sell and share, and available in a number of different design options, and are an easy way to extend your school’s fundraising budget . Temporary tattoos are inexpensive, especially when ordering in large quantities, and can provide a great amount of return income for your school.  These temporary tattoos can be customized for your school featuring a school mascot or your school colors, or even both, which makes them a refreshing idea to use.

Ribbon Tattoo

These Ribbon Temporary Tattoos Can Be Customized!

Custom and Colorful – Temporary Tattoos

Since fundraisers should be unique and fun, temporary tattoos are the way to go. You can create your very own custom temporary tattoos that say exactly what you want it to say about your school. There are many different sizes and styles of temporary tattoos to choose from, and having a variety is great. Smaller tattoos for cheek application, medium ones for hands, and larger ones for arms give you a wide range to offer. Temporary tattoos are a great idea for younger children at an elementary school, all the way up to the university level. Temporary tattoos provide a sense of school spirit that kids and parents alike will love to participate in.

Recycle Tattoo

Find a Temporary Tattoo to Fit Your Cause!

Temporary Tattoos – Easy and Efficient

Temporary tattoos are inexpensive, making them the opportune choice for a fundraiser. They are easy to apply, and last for days. Application is fun and simple, peel off the protective cover, place where you want, apply water and pressure for about 15 seconds and peel the paper away, it’s as simple as that. Temporary tattoos are safety tested, and FDA approved, so using them in schools is a great idea. People of all ages will love them.  The custom designs and colors will appeal to everyone in your community, and people will be excited to show their support for their local schools.

Save 15% by ordering today with promotion code BLOG15. Shipping is always free on online orders in the US! (Minimum online order is $10). Visit today!

Every Tattoo Manufacturing temporary tattoo has lowest price, 100% unconditional satisfaction & fastest turnaround guarantees. They are made in the USA and exceed US, Canadian and European Union safety standards.

Kids Tattoos Make for Fun in the Spring and Summer Sun!

May 5, 2011

Kids Tattoos

Kids were the first market for temporary tattoos. Old fashioned kids tattoos were made popular as premiums in bubble gum around the turn of the century.  Brands that have used temporary tattoos as premiums include the popular fruit flavored gum, Fruit Stripe, and the snack, Cracker Jack. These lick-and-peel temporary tattoos became a well-known piece of Americana. You no longer had to be a sailor to get a tattoo!

Why Do Kids Love Tattoos?

Today, there are very few changes regarding temporary tattoos as far as kids are concerned.  Designs may be more modern, new characters are available and the quality has dramatically improved, but the same concept with kids temporary tattoos still exists.

Kids love temporary tattoos because they can apply them easily, they are waterproof, long lasting, colorful and fun. Another reason for the popularity of temporary tattoos among kids is that they are so portable. Temporary tattoos fit perfectly in jean pockets or jacket pockets. Even very small children can quickly learn how to put on a temporary tattoo as it is difficult not to apply correctly if the child has a little patience (about 30 second or less) with the application process.  And patience is a good value to teach! The smile on a kid’s face after getting one or more temporary tattoos has to be the most satisfying aspects of purchasing them for any parent! Application and the incredible, realistic results are an accomplishment! You absolutely cannot go wrong with temporary tattoos with kids!

Dinosaur Temporary Tattoos

Yes, we have a great selection of dinosaur kids tattoos, too!

Kids Tattoos for Parties and Events

Combined with face painting, nail art, bingo, bake sales and other activities kids tattoos make any event much more exciting. You can order a selection to suit children of all ages ranging from Disney and Marvel tattoos for younger children to designs for teenagers such as fashion and tribal temporary tattoos.

You can also prepare party bags to surprise youngsters with. Fill these treat bags with items kids adore like fake tattoos, stickers, jacks and candies. For the decorations, be sure to use circus colors to set the party mood. Set up streamers and tie colorful balloons to trees and chairs.  Or create an entrance booth where you can distribute tickets to children which they can later exchange for goodies, prizes and activity participation – including kids tattoos. Make sure you select the right music for the event! Snacks need to also go with the party concept. Choose healthy ones! Serve animal crackers, fruit and cut vegetables with dip, peanuts, peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, popcorn in lunch bags and juices.

Disney Cars Temporary Tattoos

Kids Love Cars Temporary Tattoos! 50 Per Bag!

A lot of people are also making custom temporary tattoos for events like children’s parties. It’s a great alternative to the usual messiness that comes with body paint and glitter found at children’s bashes. Children’s parties are supposed to be fun and offering custom tattoos is an easy and inexpensive way to make the party more memorable and enjoyable.

Here’s an idea for your next event!  At a table close to where the temporary tattoos are being distributed or sold provide several spray bottles of water and some paper towels. This will enable the kids to apply their new tattoos themselves immediately after purchasing them quickly and easily.

Kids Tattoos for Fundraising

Temporary tattoos are perfect to reinforce the educational or awareness message of any event ensuring that the event isn’t all business and no play for kids. They can also be used at any event as a fundraising tool since they are affordable and offer the opportunity to generate significant income for any cause. Kids Temporary Tattoos cost just pennies and can be sold for much more than their cost to raise money for any worthy effort.

Disney Temporary Tattoos: Mickey, Minnie, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck

Disney Best Friends!

The Best Kids Tattoos Come From America’s Largest Manufacturer of Temporary Tattoos!

Parents love our lowest price and satisfaction guarantees.  Tattoo Manufacturing has thousands of in-stock designs to choose from and all of our temporary tattoos are made in the USA. We have the widest selection of kids temporary tattoos on the web. All products are made using FDA certified colorants. They exceed US, Canadian & EU Safety Standards. They’re non-toxic and safe! Tattoo Manufacturing offers 100% Unconditional Satisfaction, Lowest Price & Fastest Turnaround Guarantees. We are the largest manufacturer of temporary tattoos in the world, with more than 20 years of experience, and maintain the highest quality standards in the industry.

We ship in-stock temporary tattoos in 1-2 business days and custom tattoos within 7 business days. And shipping is always free on any order within the United States (minimum online order is only $10)!  Tattoo Manufacturing has temporary tattoos for kids for all occasions. If you want kids tattoos for birthday parties, school events & fund raising you will find the greatest selection on the web at!

3 Reasons Your Business Needs a Custom Temporary Tattoo

February 16, 2011

You understand the importance of standing out from your competition. Everyday, your business strives to find new ways to be remembered by your clients.  A great way to create a lasting impression is by giving away custom temporary tattoos!custom fake tattoo promotional productHere are three reasons you need to be giving your customers custom tattoos of your logo:

  • Your customers want temporary tattoos

Temporary tattoos are the trendy item right now.  High-end brands like Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Dereon are selling designer lines of fashion temporary tattoos.  Temporary tattoos are in-demand!  Offering a custom temporary tattoo with your logo shows your customers that you’re keeping up with the trends.

fashion fake tattoo

Temporary tattoos are all the rage!

  • Custom temporary tattoos drive traffic to your website and social media sites

You can customize the back of your custom tattoo for no extra charge.  Put your website at the very top and your Facebook page address underneath.  You can even include a coupon code to encourage future purchases!

  • Custom temporary tattoos are inexpensive and easy to order

You can order 100 custom temporary tattoos for as little as $45 or 1,000 tattoos starting at $89.  Plus, when you place your order online, shipping is always free!

Ordering online is as easy as uploading your image or business logo.  Enter your shipping address and we’ll take care of the rest!  We always ship your tattoos within 7 business days.

Get your custom temporary tattoos today – just in time for spring!

Video Blog Friday: 100 Custom Tattoos Starting at $45

February 4, 2011

You can now order as few as 100 custom temporary tattoos from!

Custom tattoos are great for business promotion, school spirit, birthday parties and so much more.  This video explains how easy it is to order on

When you order online, shipping is always free.  Plus, you can use coupon code Blog15 for 15% off.  Pick your favorite image and order your custom temporary tattoos today!

Raise Money for Your Group With Temporary Tattoos!

February 1, 2011

Are you looking for a new and addictive fundraising item that kids and adults will love?

fundraise with temporary tattoos

Since money does not grow on trees, schools must be creative with fundraising

Look no further than temporary tattoos!

They are all the rage, and have been for years now.  Why not capitalize on that popularity and offer temporary tattoos emblazoned with the school colors or school mascot, or even both as part of your next school fundraising campaign?

Kids Love Them!

Kids love temporary tattoos because they can apply them easily with just a damp cloth. They are also waterproof and long lasting. Parents love them because they are easy to remove, if needed, with just a little baby oil or rubbing alcohol.

Here’s an idea for your next event!  At a table close to where the temporary tattoos are being sold, provide several spray bottles of water and some paper towels. This will enable the kids to apply their new tattoos themselves immediately after purchasing them.

kids love temporary tattoos

Kids love temporary tattoos

Another reason for the popularity of temporary tattoos among kids is the fact that they are so portable. Temporary tattoos fit perfectly in jean pockets or jacket pockets.

Advantageous to Your School Too!

Using temporary tattoos can mean a larger profit margin for your school’s needed projects. Since they are so inexpensive, these tattoos make the ideal fundraising vehicle. Kids love them and parents don’t mind buying them because of the low cost involved.

school fundraiserSchool can get great bulk order discounts so you can put more money back into the coffers for those underfunded needs. Any logo, design, or artwork can be used and made into a temporary tattoo.

A great option is to have the beloved school mascot emblazoned on the tattoo. The kids will be proud to show off a temporary tattoo with their school mascot on it.

Start earning money for your school today by selling temporary tattoos at games and other events!

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