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The Lower Back Temporary Tattoo… As Art!

May 19, 2011

If you’ve been looking for the highest quality and most artful lower back temporary tattoos you’ve come to the right place. Tattoo Manufacturing has just added a variety of beautiful and tasteful lower back temporary tattoos to complement an already extensive selection and your style.

These temporary tattoos can be symbolic and meaningful to the person wearing them and we have the selection to help you make the statement you want. This is one of the many lower back tattoo designs for women:

Koi Lower Back Temporary Tattoo

Koi Lower Back Temporary Tattoo

The Most Realistic Lower Back Temporary Tattoo

Don’t confuse these lower back fake tattoos with the variety created by an inkjet printer which many are. Why is this important? Maybe you will have a new found self-confidence wearing a bikini to the pool with a tribal lower back tattoo on! Your friends will think you got a “real” tattoo – they won’t be able to tell the difference with the quality of the temporary tattoos Tattoo Manufacturing produces. Tattoo Manufacturing temporary tattoos are made with a 4-color manufacturing process and the most rigorous manufacturing standards in the industry. And they are made in the US and exceed US, Canadian & European Union safety standards.

Lower Back Temporary Tattoos Put the Wearer in Control

Lower back tattoos are one of the most popular body art designs for women – and increasingly men wear them, too. The lower back is an area where a tattoo can be most easily be hidden or shown – it gives the wearer a unique sense of control. A sexy back temporary tattoo on a woman or man can be visible just above the pants line or when wearing certain high cut shirts.  They can emphasize the curves of your lower back; tattoos in this very intimate location always attract attention. Lower back tattoos for women or men are easy to hide if you choose to; you can simply wear a shirt to cover them up.

Knife Lock Lower Back Temporary Tattoo

The Knife Lock Lower Back Temporary Tattoo

Buy Your Lower Back Temporary Tattoos with Confidence – And a Special Offer

Accent your feminine or masculine beauty with a lower back temporary tattoo! Dare to reveal your sexier side with a temporary statement – and we’ll make this decision even easier with 15% off your next purchase using code blog15. Shipping is always free in the US (minimum online order is $10). Plus, we offer 100% unconditional satisfaction and lowest price guarantees. And the more you buy, the lower the price!

Cupcake Lower Back Temporary Tattoo

Cupcake Lower Back Temporary Tattoo

Don’t see a design you like? Please email us at with your suggestion for a lower back temporary tattoo and, should we produce your idea, will send you a variety of lower back temporary tattoos!

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