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Pump up your music festival fashion with temporary tattoos

April 23, 2012

Summer is on its way, and we can almost hear the music from summer festivals and concerts. Whether you’re planning an appearance at a country concert or an all-weekend festival stint, you’re going to be thinking about your signature look.

Set yourself apart with playful accessories like temporary tattoos. To jump-start your concert planning, we’ve rounded up our favorite looks.

1. It’s no secret that we’re crazy about Skin Sugar Glitter tattoos. These super-sparkly tats are packed with glitter and stay on your skin for days. We don’t want to play favorites, but this gold sparrow is pretty awesome. You can browse our selection of Skin Sugar Glitter designs to find your fave.

Gold Glitter Sparrow Bird Temporary Tattoo

2. Rock a feather tattoo and channel your inner rock star.

Fashion peacock feather temporary tattoo

3. Go vintage. Try an old-school star or rose design.

vintage star temporary tattoo

vintage rose temporary tattoo

4. Are you with the band? Consider handing out temporary tattoos with the band’s logo or song lyrics (or the lead singer’s face…ahem, Mr. Bieber) to pump up the crowd. Find out more about designing your own custom fake tattoos.

Cheers to a fun and music-filled summer!

Creative Prom Ideas

April 2, 2012

Are you (or someone you know) gearing up for Prom?

Spring is in the air, and to help you prep for the big dance, we’ve compiled our best ideas to make this year’s Prom special.

1. Ask your date to prom in a creative (and romantic!) way. Try spelling out the “PROM” question with letter tattoos.

Ask Girl to Prom with Temporary Tattoos on Fingers

2. Add a cute temporary accessory to your prom-night look

We love the look of a playful feather or sophisticated jewelry tattoos paired with the perfect prom dress.

Girls wearing temporary tattoos with prom dresses

3. Order custom tattoos for your whole crew

You’ll be a shoe-in for Prom King or Queen if you provide custom temporary tattoos for everyone in your group.

On the Prom planning committee? Design custom tattoos with the date of the big day, or with the Prom theme, and hand them out at the dance.

Custom personalized temporary tattoos for prom

Custom themed temporary tattoos for prom night

Order your tats in time for Prom night – get on over to!

Tattoo Trends: Skin Sugar Glitter

February 27, 2012

We’re gearing up for spring – warmer weather! Brighter clothes and longer days! And of course – more skin space for fun temporary tattoos! As usual, we’re on the lookout for the hottest spring trends.

An overwhelming recent trend at Tattoo Manufacturing is glitter. Our customers and employees can’t get enough of our glitter temporary tattoos.

Skin Sugar Glitter tattoos are some of our most popular. We use exclusive technology to create these glitter-packed tattoos.

Skin Sugar Glitter tattoos come in simple, classic designs. The solid, sparkly glitter makes the tattoo designs really pop on the skin. These glitter tattoos are a big hit at girls’ slumber parties – and we know more than a few moms who steal their daughters’ glitter tattoos for their next girls’ night out!

4 Skin Sugar Glitter Temporary Tattoo Designs

Skin Sugar Glitter tattoos create a very special, shimmery look on the skin.

Blue Anchor Skin Sugar Glitter Temporary Tattoo

Berry Sweet Skin Sugar Glitter Temporary Tattoo
Do you have design ideas for new glitter temporary tattoos? We’re always looking for suggestions! Leave a comment below, tweet @tattoosales, or tell us on Facebook!

Add some spice to your Valentine’s date night with fun temporary tattoos

January 19, 2012

If there’s one night a year that calls for a fun, kick-up-your-heels date night, it’s Valentine’s Day. And while February 14th is a great excuse for a special night with your sweetheart, you don’t have to spend a ton of cash to make your Valentine’s Day fun.

Since Valentine’s Day falls on a Tuesday this year, we brainstormed a few ways to make this weeknight holiday special – without breaking the bank or requiring a ton of prep.

1. If a fancy restaurant isn’t in your weeknight budget, swap the menus and maĆ®tre d’ for a cozy night at home. Shoot for a mini-splurge with a special dessert from the bakery or wine that’s a few dollars more than your standard bottle.

Fancy dessert

Celebrate with a special dessert for Valentine's Day date night

2. Instead of spending hours combing the racks for a perfect date-night cocktail dress, add a new punch to an existing outfit. Start with a dress that’s already in your closet and accessorize with a flirty temporary tattoo. These tattoos are practically begging to be worn out on the town (or out in your living room!).

Pink flower temporary tattoo

Pink flower temporary tattoo - fun for a date night

Add some spice to your date night with temporary tattoos

Sassy date night temporary tattoos

3. Take the pressure off your significant other by putting the kibosh on Valentine’s Day gifts this year. In place of presents, put the money toward a trip you’re planning together – or, spread the love by donating to a local charity.

We’re gathering tons of Valentine’s Day date ideas on our Pinterest page. Check it out and share your date-night do’s with us in the comments section!

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