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Just Some of Our Employees, Hard at Work

January 27, 2011

Nobody can accuse our team members of not working hard!  Our temporary tattoo artists work so diligently that they have to stretch before a long day at the drawing board.

fake tattoo artists

Members of the art department getting ready for a long day of creation

We aren’t just hard at work in the art department.  Our stock department, in which we fill online orders for temporary tattoos, is always busy.  Members of our team, though, seem to find time to try some of the temporary tattoos.

Check out this video in which Bruno has taken time out of his busy day to apply an assortment of temporary tattoos.

We’re 85 employees strong, and we each take the business of temporary tattoos very seriously.  We all work hard to ensure that you have the highest quality temporary tattoos, the quickest turnaround in the industry, and the most up-to-date designs available.  Check out the fruit of our labors at

Video Blog Friday: Fashion Tattoos

January 21, 2011

Fashion tattoos were the accessory in 2010 and are expected to be on-trend in 2011! Here, Amber, a member of our team, applies a fashion tattoo from and discusses temporary tattoos as fashion accessories.

So Much to be Thankful for at Tattoo Manufacturing

November 25, 2010

On this Thanksgiving we wanted to pause and express our gratitude.   This year has flown by and it has been a great one in so many ways.  We know that it has been such because of three groups of individuals: our staff, our community and you.

We employ about 85 Tucsonans.  That seems like quite a few people, but our culture is such that we’re like one big family.  No matter the department, we all know each other and come together to celebrate successes and support each other.

Tattoo Manufacturing Halloween Party

Every month we have an all-company meeting where our managers present business updates and employees are encouraged to ask questions.  We also celebrate birthdays every month with a lunch.

Staff at the Copper Cactus Awards

Each of our staff contributes to making Tattoo Manufacturing a fun, enjoyable place to work.  We’re so grateful to each of our employees.

We’re also grateful to the community in which we operate, Tucson, AZ.  From 2nd Saturdays Downtown to Casa de los Ninos to the UA, the members of our community make Tucson a great place in which to work!

Beautiful Tucson, AZ

Lastly, we’re thankful for you!  Our fans, customers and vendors make what we do possible and contribute to the wonderful culture at Tattoo Manufacturing.  Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

Tattoo Manufacturing Halloween Party!

October 29, 2010

Yesterday we threw our annual Tattoo Manufacturing Halloween Party!

fake tattoo partyEvery year we throw a Halloween party at which we encourage each of our 85 employees to dress up in costume.  Everybody votes for the best, funniest, scariest and most original get-up.  The winners receive cash prizes.

temporary tattoo partyThis year’s big winner was Lego Batman!

lego batmanA few weeks ago we won the Best Place to Work for a company in Tucson, AZ with 76-250 employees.  Parties like these keep our staff motivated and encouraged.  Of course, we design and print temporary tattoos; who wouldn’t be happy? =)

Tribal Back Temporary Tattoos

August 20, 2010

Noah and Nick, two members of our team, tried on a tribal back custom temporary tattoo that we printed for a customer.  These are definitely not the largest temporary tattoos we’ve printed, but they’re close!

tribal tattoo

tribal tattoos

Who says work isn’t fun?

Laughing at Friday the 13th!

August 13, 2010

Did you know that according to folklorists, there is no written evidence for a “Friday the 13th” superstition before the 19th century?  What sparked friggatriskaidekaphobia (fear of Friday the 13th)?  Members of our team discuss the possibilities over birthday decor:

custom temporary tattoos

custom temporary tattoos

custom temporary tattoos

fake tattoos

fake tattoosCheck out more of our team here.



Create Laughs with a Temporary Tattoo Assortment

July 10, 2010

Temporary tattoo assortmentSummertime: the time of long days, barbecues, swimming pools and cool days with friends and family.  This weekend I spent time with friends in New Mexico Skies, an amateur astronomy residential community.  During the day we hiked the gorgeous mountainside and at night we marveled at the Milky Way and used a high-power green laser to point out each constellation.

Before star gazing in the evening, I set out the package of temporary tattoos I had brought along.  It was an assortment of tattoos I had picked out from our stock room (which is where we keep all of the designs we sell online).  I had some Ed Hardy temporary tattoos, stars, hearts, glow-in-the-dark and tribal—quite an eclectic assortment.

I spread the temporary tattoos out on the coffee table and almost immediately my friends began rummaging through the designs.  They were selecting what to wear, soliciting opinions and offering suggestions to others.

Star temporary tattoos

Glow in the dark star temporary tattoo

My favorite part was watching the tattoos spark jokes and memories.  Afterwards, we all helped each other apply the temporary tattoos.  Two notable applications: one of the girls put a glow-in-the-dark star on her forehead and a guy put a flag on his lower back!

This activity was fun, inexpensive and incredibly easy.  If you have a get-together with friends coming up, I’d absolutely recommend bringing an assortment of temporary tattoos along-you ever know what could happen!

Temporary tattoos can’t talk, so this blog was written by Amber, a member of our team since May 2009.  Sounds like you had an excellent weekend, Amber!  Get an assortment of temporary tattoos for yourself today and use Promo Code TMU01 for 10% off plus free shipping.

World Cup Fever!

May 18, 2010

Like the rest of the world, we’re buzzing with World Cup fever here at Tattoo Manufacturing!  When the World Cup begins in June, we will be in Tucson, AZ printing more than 6 million tattoos, but our hearts will be at the games in Africa with Team USA.  We are ranked no. 14 among the 202 teams according to the official FIFA Rankings.  While this is exciting in and of itself, we’ll be on the edge of our sofas during Team USA’s appearances at the World Cup for a few other reasons:

  • Last summer in the Confederations Cup, we advanced to our first final in a FIFA tournament EVER!
  • We upset No.1 Spain in the semifinals at the Confederations Cup.

This excellent showing at the Confederations Cup is an indication that our team is at the top of its game!

  • Oguchi Onyewu will take the field!
  • We upset England in the 1950 World Cup, 1-0

Our first appearance at the World Cup will be against England on June 12th.  We’re revved up and ready to root on Team USA!  If you’re as psyched as we are, consider sporting a Team USA temporary tattoo that day.  Have them available for friends or take them to the sports bar to hand out.  They’re excellent for sparking conversation and great for showing team spirit.

Go Team USA!

Faces of Tattoo Manufacturing

January 18, 2010

Click here to meet some of our company’s best and brightest.

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