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Fashion Temporary Tattoos

April 29, 2010

Temporary tattoos as a fashion accessory are all the rage right now!  And for good reason: they add a mysterious and sometimes sexy element to the look and feel of an ensemble.  That’s exactly why they’re popping up in high fashion. Fashion temporary tattoos are in.

fashion fake tattoo

Chanel Temporary Tattoos

As a fashion accessory, temporary tattoos are fun and so easy to use.  They allow for creativity and uniqueness but unlike a hairdo or makeup, application isn’t painstaking.  What can be difficult, however, is finding fashion worthy tattoos.  Chanel carries a package, but it’s expensive (about $75 a pop).  So where can the everyday girl get a high quality, fashion worthy tattoo?

Ladies, meet the Henna Temporary Tattoo.

Henna design offered online at

Henna design offered online at

Fashion temporary tattoos are long, detailed pieces meant to run down the leg or around the wrist.  They should be soft and act as a compliment to an overall look.  That’s why these Henna tattoos  are perfect as an accessory piece.

Chanel’s temporary tattoo sheet:

Henna temporary tattoo sheet:

And what’s more: a package of Henna tattoos costs only $4.99, is available online, and when you spend $10 or more, it will ship for free.  Fashion doesn’t get any easier than that. Use blog15 now to save 15% on your next purchase! Shipping is always free in the United States (minimum online order is only $10).

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