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Temporary Tattoos: An Easy Alternative to Face Painting

May 21, 2012

Last week, we announced our first-ever, birthday party-themed Pinterest contest! Get the scoop on how to enter.

To jump-start your birthday brainstorming, we’re sharing our tip for streamlining a favorite party activity: face painting. Here’s the tip….it’s simple, but (we think) pretty earth-shattering. Instead of dealing with messy face paint at your next birthday party or backyard bash, try using quick, fun, no-mess temporary tattoos!

Temporary tattoo on face instead of face paint

Why use temporary tattoos instead of face paint? We’re glad you asked.

Temporary tattoos are:

  • Faster than face paint (30 seconds. Beat that, paint.)
  • Less messy than face paint
  • Easy to remove (Tape/rubbing alcohol/baby oil. Read detailed temporary tattoo removal instructions.)
  • Designed by professional artists (so anyone can apply pro-looking designs!)

Set up a temporary tattoo “station” and watch the kids (and adults!) line up. All you need are tattoos (we’ve got that part covered) and a wet cloth. Each tattoo can be applied in 30 seconds or less.

applying super hero temporary tattoo instead of face paint at birthday party

face paint tattoo finished product

face paint temporary tattoo kid at party

Order temporary tattoos for your next party. Better yet, enter our Pinterest birthday party contest  to score free tattoos for your bash!

Healthy Halloween Treats: Temporary Tattoos Are The Alternative!

August 31, 2010

health halloween treatsEvery year people search for healthy alternatives to the traditional trick-or-treat sugar snacks and are one such alternative.  Children nowadays eat more candy and soda than ever before.  Schools are stocking vending machines with sugar-free options and parents are encouraging fruits and outdoor activities.

Even on Halloween, parents attempt to force children to pace themselves on their candy intake.  But even when they’re successful, the negative impacts of sugar intake will be felt: sugar is bad for the teeth, bad for the brain, bad for the hips (only good for the lips)!

But what if you could give your trick-or-treaters a healthy alternative that they’ll actually enjoy?  Apples are out of the picture and pencils are so last year.  Tip of the season: give your trick-or-treaters halloween temporary tattoos!

halloween temporary tattoos

Design Available at

Halloween temporary tattoos are an excellent alternative to candy and chocolate.  Instead of another sweet treat, give the children in your neighborhood an activity.  Temporary tattoos are unique, 100% safe and provide a lot of fun.

Pick out an assortment of Halloween temporary tattoos today! Give your trick-or-treaters something to laugh about!  A healthy alternative to sugar-fill treats: temporary tattoos.

halloween temporary tattoos

Design Available at

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