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The 9 Most Recognizable Celebrity Tattoos

June 24, 2011

Tattoos have always been a big part of pop culture. Tattoos, and even custom temporary tattoos , have only become more and more popular as more and more celebrities show off their body art. Here’s a list of the most recognizable celebrity tattoos. See if any surprise you!

1. Mike Tyson

In 2003, this heavyweight boxing legend shocked the world when he appeared with this infamous facial tribal tattoo. Stretching from his temple to his cheek, Tyson’s tattoo is influenced by Maori warriors and said to affirm his fighting spirit.

Mike Tyson Tattoo

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2. Katy Perry

While celebrating New Year’s Eve in India at the close of 2009, Katy Perry found her way to a henna shop to get a custom henna tattoo drawn on her left forearm. The henna tattoo snakes down her arm, winding around her tattoo of the word “Jesus” and extending to the tip of her pointer finger.

Kate Perry Tattoos

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3. Angelina Jolie

This Oscar-winning humanitarian has an authentic Thai tiger tattoo on her lower back to commemorate her Cambodian citizenship. Jolie’s tattoo is 12 inches by eight inches and was inked in traditional Thai tattoo style with a manual needle in Bangkok in 2004. In Asian culture, the tiger symbolizes power, ferocity, passion and sensuality.

Angelina Jolie Tattoos

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4. EvE

Grammy-winning artist Eve got her trademark miniature paw print tattoos on her chest when she was 18 as the result of a dare. The tattoos are pit-bull paws, a symbol of her group, the Ruff Ryders.

eve Tattoos

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5. Justin Timberlake

Pop star Justin Timberlake has tons of tattoos, many of which are custom temporary tattoos that he wore during movie roles. These tattoos include everything from the Virgin Mary to the year 1976 to various Chinese characters.

Justin Timberlake Tattoos

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6. Amy Winehouse

This Grammy-winning artist has many lucky charm tattoos. Pictured below is her horseshoe tattoo, framed on the top and bottom with the words “Daddy’s Girl” to express her strong bond with her father.

Amy Winehouse Tattoos

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7. Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson

Actor and former professional wrestler, The Rock, sports a Brahma bull with red eyes on his right bicep. The tattoo is a symbol of his Zodiac sign, the Taurus bull. Used mainly in the meat industry, Brahma bulls are known for their intelligence and ability to adapt to a range of climates with ease.

Dwayne Johnson Tattoos

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8. Johnny Depp

Award-winning actor, Johnny Depp, took a long-lasting souvenir from one of his successful movies of all time. Depp redesigned the “Swallow” or “Flying Bird” tattoo on his right forearm and turned it around so the bird is flying towards him. He then wrote his son’s name, “Jack” underneath the design. This tattoo is highly esteemed among expert sailors because a sailor is entitled to this tattoo after voyaging 500 nautical miles.

Johnny Depp Tattoos

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9. Tila Tequila

Internet sensation turned reality show celebrity, Tila Tequila, has a tattoo of a red heart with a cross-stitched outline on her left shoulder inscribed with the French phrase “C’est la vie!”, meaning, ‘Such is life’ or ‘That’s life’.

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Tila Tequila Tattoos

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