Introducing: Baby Shower Tattoos!

We’re always on the lookout for any occasion or event that needs to be celebrated with temporary tattoos. We celebrate weddings, birthdays, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day with temporary tattoos. So we decided we should celebrate new babies with tattoos, too.

We’re excited to introduce our newest additions to the 3,000+ tattoo designs available on baby shower tattoos!

Our pro tattoo artists have come up with designs specifically made for celebrating baby boys:

Boy baby shower tattoos

…and baby girls:

Girl baby shower tattoos

We tested these adorable, party-perfect tattoos at a baby shower earlier this month. The tattoos were a huge hit with the mom-to-be and all of the shower guests.

Mom to be wearing baby shower tattoo at party

Try passing out these tattoos when guests arrive at the shower, or put them on together as a fun shower activity.

Baby shower temporary tattoos for baby boy

We even used the tattoos to mark our cups at the blue-and-green themed baby boy party.

Baby shower tattoos decorate cups at party

At our shower, our parents-to-be tested out their new roles with a “Mom and Dad” heart tattoo.

Mom and Dad love heart temporary tattoo baby shower

Baby tattoos would also be a fun way for eager grandparents and siblings to welcome a new baby into the family on the delivery day. Stock up on baby shower tattoos and start celebrating!

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