Fraternities and sororities get creative with custom temporary tattoos

We hear from a lot of fraternities and sororities who are looking for the perfect temporary tattoo. Greek members already have tons of T-shirts. So, mix things up by ordering temporary tattoos. Tattoos are a fun way to show your spirit (and show off your letters) and, unlike T-shirts, they don’t take up space in your drawers.

Here are the top 4 ways that fraternities and sororities are using Tattoo Manufacturing temporary tattoos.

1. Rush/recruitment

Show your spirit at your house and around campus during rush season by wearing Greek letter temporary tattoos.

Temporary tattoos for sororities - recruitment or rush

2. Bid Day

Help your new members celebrate on Bid Day with fun temporary tattoos! Some groups order several different designs so that each pledge class has a slightly different tattoo.

Alpha Phi sorority tattoo bid day

3. Fundraisers, philanthropy events, and parties

Share the spirit at your fraternity or sorority’s big events. Consider handing out temporary tattoos to everyone who attends your fundraiser or party, or sell the tattoos to help support your chosen non-profit.

SPE Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity philanthropy temporary tattoo

4. Representing the fraternity or sorority at school-wide events like football games

Show your school spirit! Give your members temporary tattoos to wear at major school events (we’re talking sporting events, pep rallies, graduation, and even move-in day).

DZ Delta Zeta temporary tattoo football

Both national groups and local chapters can order temporary tattoos with Greek letters. The minimum order starts at $45 for 100 custom temporary tattoos. All you need is an idea, and we can make a tattoo for your group! Get started at with your custom tattoo order today!

Still looking for inspiration? Read more about how to promote your sorority or fraternity.

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One Response to “Fraternities and sororities get creative with custom temporary tattoos”

  1. matching tattoos Says:

    Sororities are getting creative these days. They use those temporary tattoos for various events. I believe their means are very effective to make their sorority names more popular with people.

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