Restaurants that rock temporary tattoos: Hay Market Willow Glen

There are two things that we love at Tattoo Manufacturing: temporary tattoos (you probably could have guessed that one) and food.

So, we feel like we’ve hit the jackpot when we hear about restaurants creating their own tattoos.

temporary tattoos for restaurants

Exhibit A: Hay Market, a restaurant serving up seasonal American cuisine and freshly-minted temporary tattoos in the Willow Glen neighborhood of San Jose, CA.

Hay Market, run by chef Joe Cirone, has been a big hit since its opening in the summer of 2011. Nine months later, patrons are coming back for the always-changing menu AND for the quirky temporary tattoos. At the end of every meal at Hay Market, the check comes with a couple of special extras: freshly baked cookies, temporary tattoos & warm, damp towels.

hay market willow glen restaurant temporary tattoo

Joe reports that his restaurant guests sometimes apply the tattoos (Hay Market’s cow head logo) right away, and sometimes they take the tattoos home to their kids. “I’ve been all the way across town before and I’ve seen people wearing our tattoos,” he says. Joe likes the way that his tattoos carry his brand out of the restaurant with the people who are wearing them. “People wear the tattoos for the next four or five days, and they’re sharing the brand.”

hay market willow glen restaurant temporary tattoo on skin


For more information about Hay Market Willow Glen, visit their website. To order your own custom temporary tattoos, check out Tattoo Manufacturing’s custom tattoo design center.

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