April is National Humor Month!

Did you know? April is National Humor Month! We’re suckers for random holidays and celebrations – and we can’t think of a better way to celebrate a month of laughs, jokes and pranks than with temporary tattoos.

Here are a few ways to add a little fun to your day-to-day during National Humor Month:

1. Fake out your friends and family with a new (temporary) “tattoo”

Your spouse, parents, friends, or kids will be shocked when you come home showing off a brand new “tattoo.”

Pick your favorite (and most extreme) design for maximum shock value. Dragon tattoo on your forearm? Butterfly on your lower back? Our realistic and easily removable tattoo designs will trick even your most skeptical friends.

dragon temporary tattoo

Surprise! It's a dragon (temporary) tattoo.

2. Make work fun by passing out temporary tattoos to your employees on a Friday afternoon

We love the idea of ordering motivational or custom temporary tattoos for a team bonding day. Tattoos that brand your employees as the “Best Team Ever” or tattoos with your company’s logo or slogan are a great way to add some fun to a humdrum week.

Go Team motivational temporary tattoo

Go Team motivational temporary tattoo

3. Entertain your kids with hand puppet and fingerstache tattoos.

Kids love it when their parents get a little silly. Have a play day and dress up with “fingerstache” mustache tattoos. The tattoos go on your finger, and when you hold them over your mouth you have an instant (and temporary!) fun mustache.

Or, put on a puppet show with our wide range of hand puppet temporary tattoos, starring aliens, horses, knights, and princesses.

Fingerstache temporary tattoos

Fingerstache mustache temporary tattoos

Hand Puppet temporary tattoos

Hand Puppet temporary tattoos

How are you celebrating National Humor Month? Let us know: @tattoosales or  Tattoo Manufacturing on Facebook.

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