Go Green on Earth Day with Temporary Tattoos

Earth Day is April 22, and here at Tattoo Manufacturing we’re focusing on all things green all month long.

We all need helpful reminders to go green, and temporary tattoos are a fun way to get in the Earth Day spirit.

Finishing your lunchtime soda? Reduce, reuse and recycle tattoos are a great reminder to toss that can into the recycle bin – not the trash can.

Earth Day Recycle green temporary tattoo

Kids love temporary tattoos, and Earth Day is the perfect time to turn your kids’ favorite body art into memorable lessons about protecting the planet.

Try handing out animal-themed tattoos to remind your children and students that their daily actions have an effect on both humans and animals.

go green paw print temporary tattooEarth Day turtle green temporary tattoogo green bird temporary tattoo

Schools and community groups can spread the Earth Day message year-round with custom temporary tattoos. Promote recycling and conserving and give good citizens a way to mark their own green behavior. Temporary tattoos are an affordable and fun way to celebrate going green.

I Recycled Today temporary tattoo

Go green with custom temporary tattoos

Choose your favorite green tattoo from our in-stock designs, or create your own green body art. How are you celebrating Earth Day with your friends, family and coworkers? Tell us your plans in the comments section, tweet us @tattoosales, or tell us on Facebook.

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