Creative Prom Ideas

Are you (or someone you know) gearing up for Prom?

Spring is in the air, and to help you prep for the big dance, we’ve compiled our best ideas to make this year’s Prom special.

1. Ask your date to prom in a creative (and romantic!) way. Try spelling out the “PROM” question with letter tattoos.

Ask Girl to Prom with Temporary Tattoos on Fingers

2. Add a cute temporary accessory to your prom-night look

We love the look of a playful feather or sophisticated jewelry tattoos paired with the perfect prom dress.

Girls wearing temporary tattoos with prom dresses

3. Order custom tattoos for your whole crew

You’ll be a shoe-in for Prom King or Queen if you provide custom temporary tattoos for everyone in your group.

On the Prom planning committee? Design custom tattoos with the date of the big day, or with the Prom theme, and hand them out at the dance.

Custom personalized temporary tattoos for prom

Custom themed temporary tattoos for prom night

Order your tats in time for Prom night – get on over to!

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One Response to “Creative Prom Ideas”

  1. Nancy Says:

    May be a better idea than getting a tattoo you might regret later. Very fun idea.

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