Tattoo Spotlight: Mustache Madness

When our friends at the South Carolina Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy ordered fingerstache tattoos from us recently, we had to get the full scoop on how and why the nonprofit was using our office-favorite ‘stache tattoos.

Fingerstache temporary tattoos for nonprofit fundraiser

The answer? The group is holding a “March Madness”-themed fundraiser known as “Mustache Madness.” Starting in mid-March, the SC Campaign challenged 19 men to grow their best mustache, set a fundraising goal, and petition their friends and family to help them reach their donated dollar total. The catch? None of the competitors may shave their ‘stache until they reach their goal! The contestants include a pastor, a doctor, a musician, a restauranteur, a lawyer, a group of fraternity members, and a pilot.

Mustache March

To support the 19 mustache-growing men, SC Campaign’s friends, employees, and supporters are showing off their own (temporary tattoo) mustaches.

Fingerstache temporary tattoos

Finger mustache temporary tattoos for fundraiser

Interested in donating? Vote for your favorite South Carolina ‘stache and support the South Carolina Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy. Act fast – Mustache Madness ends on April 9th.

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One Response to “Tattoo Spotlight: Mustache Madness”

  1. tattoo Says:

    Great temporary tattoo mustaches 🙂 I like it and I think I will buy it soon.


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