How Second Glass Uses Temporary Tattoos to Connect with Young Wine Fans

Meet Second Glass. They’re a company on a mission to make wine and wine-tasting more approachable for a younger generation. As co-founder Morgan First puts it, “how has an event that involves wine become so stale and stuffy?”

Second Glass Wine Riot Tattoo Station

Second Glass uses their signature event series, Wine Riot, to arm young people with information about wine in an exciting and fresh way. They keep Wine Riot fun by deploying DJs, photo booths, and temporary tattoos.

Why temporary tattoos? Morgan explains that “when people have tattoos on, the snootiness goes out the window.” Temporary tattoos change the atmosphere at a wine tasting from intimidating and snobby to approachable and relaxed. People aren’t scared to ask even the most basic wine questions, like “what’s a Merlot?” or “what does the year on the wine bottle mean?”

Applying a temporary tattoo at Wine Riot

Second Glass sets up a tattoo station at each Wine Riot event. Attendees clamor for the temporary tattoos, which Second Glass offers in loosely wine-themed and zany designs: a wine-loving mermaid, an octopus holding a wine bottle, and a tiger whose stripes spell “Drink More Wine.” The tattoo designs are by Second Glass designer Holly Gordon.

Morgan has found that using fun, original tattoo designs (instead of just a logo) make them extremely popular. And, the interactive tattoo station gives event organizers a place to talk directly to attendees and give them more information about Second Glass.

Wine Riot pin-up temporary tattoo

Second Glass Wine Riot temporary tattoos in action

We especially love the custom tattoo backs that are on the back of every Second Glass tattoo. Custom backs with the Second Glass logo and website ensure that every tattoo that leaves their event reminds attendees how they can find out more about Second Glass.

Second Glass temporary tattoo custom back

Second Glass temporary tattoo custom back

Infuse your event with some extra fun – design your own custom temporary tattoos.

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