5 Reasons Temporary Tattoos Should Be a Part of Your Next Fundraiser

We hear from a lot of happy Tattoo Manufacturing customers who use temporary tattoos as fundraisers. So, today we’re sharing our top 5 reasons that temporary tattoos are great money-makers.

1. Fans love to cheer on sports teams with temporary tattoos.

At sporting events, fans are always looking for ways to show their team spirit. Whether you’re promoting a high school football team, a local soccer league, or a neighborhood swim team, temporary tattoos are a unique way to boost team spirit and raise money for the team.

Cardinals mascot custom temporary tattoo

blue paw temporary tattoo

2. Temporary tattoos are a safe, healthy, family-friendly tool for nonprofit groups.

Messages about living a healthy lifestyle can be confusing when groups sell junk food and candy for their annual fundraisers. Avoid sending mixed messages by nixing the food sales and swapping in a food-free, safe treat like temporary tattoos.

Temporary tattoos are a strong fundraiser for nonprofit groups from religious organizations to Scout troops. Kids and adults alike love wearing temporary tattoos as a fun accessory.

Girl wearing marathon temporary tattoo

3. Temporary tattoos are a great way to create buzz at local events.

At festivals, fairs, and sports tournaments, tattoos aren’t just an item to sell – they’re a fun experience. Create a unique activity at your next event by setting up a temporary tattoo “parlor” and charging a nominal fee for each tattoo application. All you need are tattoos and a wet sponge (or paper towels) to apply the tattoos.

4. You can create a custom design that promotes your specific group, event, or message.

Custom event temporary tattoo

Create temporary tattoos using your group’s logo, name, or event date.

Even better, create several different temporary tattoo designs and encourage your fans and friends to collect all of them. Or, hold a contest for tattoo designs and choose the best submission for your tattoos.

5. Do the math! Temporary tattoos are an extremely affordable way to raise money fast.

While other promotional items require a fairly hefty starting budget, temporary tattoos are affordable for every group.

Here’s an example:

At tattoosales.com, a soccer team can buy 300 2 x 2″ custom temporary tattoos for $82.08 total, or just $0.27 per tattoo.

If the team sells those 300 tattoos for $2 each, the team would make more than $500 in profit. Wow!

Get started with your unique fundraiser at www.tattoosales.com. Do you have a great fundraising story to share? Let us know by tweeting us @tattoosales or leaving a note in the Comments section.

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