Tattoo Spotlight: Team Sparkle

When you think about marathons, what are the first words that come to mind? Sweat? Tears? 26.2 grueling miles?

We’re betting that you don’t immediately associate marathons with words like: Sparkle. Skirts. Wings. Pixie Dust. Temporary Tattoos. But that just means that you haven’t met Team Sparkle yet.

Kelly Lewis, one of the creators of Team Sparkle, tells us their story: A few years ago, Kelly and two friends, Elise Wallace and Carrie Lundell, were training for their first marathon. One day, one of the women’s young daughter insisted on wearing a sparkly skirt from their dress-up box while she was mountain biking.  It seemed crazy, but her mother was able to see her (and her sparkly skirt) from far away. The idea to wear sparkly skirts during the marathon was born.

Kelly Lewis representing Team Sparkle at Disneyland Half Marathon

Kelly Lewis representing Team Sparkle at Disneyland Half Marathon

When Kelly and her friends showed up to the marathon in their sparkly outfits, they got so many compliments from fellow runners that they launched their business, Team Sparkle, right there on the marathon course.

These days, Team Sparkle is about more than skirts. Their online store sells racing skirts, wings, “race legs” (socks) and “sparkle sleeves” (arm warmers). And, the group is building a community – a team- around the idea of bringing the fun back to every run. Team Sparkle has also become synonymous with fun temporary tattoos. Kelly and team hand out special branded tattoos (“13.1” and “Team Sparkle”) at pre-race events and expos to spread the Team Sparkle cheer. And, every online order that ships out is packaged with a business card and a Team Sparkle tattoo.

Team Sparkle temporary tattoo

Team Sparkle temporary tattoo

“Everyone loves the tattoos!” Kelly explains. “The product is great because it stays on so well. The tattoos last a good week.” Team Sparkle’s temporary tattoos have helped them build brand recognition. Kelly regularly sees people that she has never met sporting Team Sparkle tattoos as part of their race outfit.

Runners wearing race temporary tattoos

Runners who count temporary tattoos & sparkle skirts as race must-haves

Learn more about Team Sparkle at Can’t wait to get your hands on custom tattoos for your group or brand? Get started with your affordable promotion at

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