Temporary Tattoos for President!

Temporary tattoos for Political Campaigns

Few voters have the political fervor needed to get a permanent tattoo of their favorite candidate’s name.

Luckily, no one has to get (permanently) inked to show their political support. Temporary tattoos are a fun way for voters to wear their heart (and their political affiliation) on their sleeve this election season.

Some politicians choose to create custom temporary tattoos, bearing their logo. Custom temporary tattoos are an affordable giveaway to enclose in donation thank-you letters or solicitations.

"Jane Doe for City Council" temporary tattoo

Use custom temporary tattoos for local elections

"John Somebody for Mayor" temporary tattoo

Energize supporters with temporary tattoos

Read our recap of how a Peruvian presidential candidate won an election, thanks in part to his promotions with temporary tattoos.

Another way to create buzz and excitement at political events: patriotic temporary tattoos. American flags and “USA” designs are a non-partisan way to boost a crowd’s energy.

Red, white and blue ribbon temporary tattoo

Patriotic ribbon tattoo

"United We Stand" American flag temporary tattoo

Energize political events with patriotic temporary tattoos

And, an idea for election day: instead of stickers, try handing out “I voted” temporary tattoos that voters can display on their hands.

"I Voted" Temporary Tattoo

Have you worn a candidate’s temporary tattoo? What are new and fun campaign tools you’ve seen this election cycle? Let us know in the comments!

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