Tattoo Spotlight: sfgirlbybay Logo Business Cards

We love the idea of using temporary tattoos as creative promotions – for brands, local groups, and small businesses. So, we’re always thrilled to hear about Tattoo Manufacturing customers who have huge success with the tattoos they order.

Recently, blogger and designer Victoria Smith, editor of sfgirlbybay, was looking for better business cards. She already had a killer logo, thanks to her friends and fellow designers Anna Dorfman and Shanna Murray. Victoria ordered paper business cards, but she wasn’t happy with the quality of the paper. She is a fan of Tattly temporary tattoos, and has been following the current temporary tattoo trend. So, she thought, wouldn’t a temporary tattoo business card be fun?

Victoria ordered custom tattoos, using her logo, from, to use at the Alt Design Summit. At the conference, she offered her tattoos to people when she introduced herself, in lieu of the traditional business card exchange. People loved her temporary tattoos! Some people applied the tattoos on the spot. Victoria was even approached by a curious group of people who were attending a different conference next door – and soon they were sporting Victoria’s logo, too.

As a veteran of the printing industry, Victoria says that she was most impressed by the quality of the temporary tattoos. She had the tattoos shipped directly to the hotel where she was staying for the conference, and had no idea what to expect. We’re glad that Victoria was pleasantly surprised!

Read more about Victoria on her blog. Learn more about creating your own temporary tattoo business cards in our recent detailed post, and get started with your own tattoos at

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