Promote Your Business with Unique Temporary Tattoo Business Cards

At trade shows and meetings, clients walk away with stacks of nearly-identical business cards. Contact information gets copied and stored, and the actual business card ends up in the trash.

In an increasingly digital world, where email address books have replaced the Rolodex, businesses have to get creative to set their cards (and their brand) apart. One way to make sure your business card doesn’t end up at the bottom of the trash can: add something memorable that potential clients will want to show off. We love the idea of using temporary tattoos as unique, fun business cards.

Tattoo Manufacturing custom tattoos are affordable tools for businesses – pricing starts at just $45 for 100 custom temporary tattoos.

Girl wearing custom temporary tattoo and holding business card

Creative tattoo business card in action

Ready to create a unique business card that your contacts will keep? Here are our steps for success when planning your design:

1. Use your company’s name, logo and/or tagline as the actual tattoo.

Business card temporary tattoo design

2. Customize the back of the tattoo card with your contact information. Include all the ways your customers can interact with your company: your website, social media sites, blog, and special coupon codes. (Hint: customized tattoo backs are  free with all custom tattoo orders at

Customized tattoo back with company contact information

Customized tattoo back

3. Keep your tattoo business cards with you and ready to hand out at meetings, office visits, trade shows, and networking events. If people know that you have a fun, interactive business card, you may find that your potential clients start specifically asking you for your cards so that they can share them with their colleagues, friends, and kids!

To get started, visit our custom tattoo design center.

Need help designing your business cards? Reach our expert customer service team at 1-877-776-5136 or

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