Fun ideas for a kids’ Valentine’s party

Valentine’s Day is a fun, positive holiday to celebrate with kids, and a great opportunity to teach lessons about friendship and inclusion.

As we prepare for February 14th, we’ve been gathering our favorite ways to make V-Day special on Pinterest. Take a look at our Valentine’s Day inspiration board.

If you’re hosting a party, get everyone in the festive spirit by handing out themed temporary tattoos. Kids will love applying fun tattoos of hearts or candy to their cheeks or hands.

Sweet tooth temporary tattoos

Sweet tooth temporary tattoos

Love, hearts & teddy bears temporary tattoo collection

Love, hearts & teddy bears temporary tattoo collection

Looking for craft ideas? Help kids make homemade valentines for their parents. Other moms and dads will be happy to receive surprise cards when their kids come home.

Valentine’s Day menus can fill up quickly with sugary treats. Sprinkle in some healthy snacks like strawberries sliced like hearts and kid-approved yogurt to keep the sugar levels manageable. Trying to cut out sugar and candy completely from this year’s holiday? Pair Valentine’s cards with temporary tattoos instead of candies.


Check out all of our Valentine’s Day tips, from budget-friendly date night ideas to fun ways to use temporary tattoos in kids’ Valentine’s Day cards.

Do you have great ideas for Valentine’s Day this year? Or favorite childhood Valentine’s memories? Let us know in the comments section!

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