What’s Hot Now: Fingerstache Temporary Tattoos

Mustaches aren’t just for the boys anymore. Anyone can have a ‘stache (no barber shop or razors required) with fun “fingerstache” mustache temporary tattoos.

Tattoo Manufacturing carries a broad range of funky fingerstache styles – from “The Millionaire”…

…to “The Wrestler” (2 fingers required).

We think fingerstaches would be great for kids’ birthday parties, costume parties…or just adding some spunk to a hum-drum Tuesday afternoon. We tested our favorite fingerstache tattoos recently at Tattoo Manufacturing HQ. Here are a few of our employees sporting their favorite ‘stache:

The Doc fingerstache tattoo

The Doc

The Chapman fingerstache tattoo

The Chapman

The Sanchez fingerstache tattoo

The Sanchez

Take a look at all of our fingerstache styles. What’s your favorite ‘stache? Let us know in the comments section!

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One Response to “What’s Hot Now: Fingerstache Temporary Tattoos”

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    […] Every month, Tattoo Manufacturing features a FREE tattoo on our Facebook page. We’ve listened to feedback from our customers and followers, and this month we’re offering some of your favorite tattoos: fingerstaches. […]

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