The Top 5 Best Stocking Stuffers this Holiday Season (that won’t break the bank)

  1. Temporary Tattoos Temporary tattoos are a fun an inexpensive idea for a stocking stuffer. There is such a wide variety of temporary tattoos that you can give everyone in your family something different. Whether they want dinosaurs, or girly-girl tattoos, there is something for everyone. Temporary tattoos are inexpensive, so buying a few different types is not out of the question!  Everyone will love receiving temporary tattoos in their stocking this year!
  2. Candy Canes- Candy canes are a traditional and inexpensive idea for stuffing the stockings this year. Candy canes come in a wide variety of flavors, so if peppermint isn’t your thing, you can find something that is. Candy canes can be fruity, or sour, or traditional, and kids will love getting them in their stocking.
  3. Bubbles- When it comes to stuffing a stocking, you have the ability to be creative and still stay within your budget. Bubbles do just that. There are many different kinds of bubbles to choose from such as color bubble, extra strength bubbles, and of course the traditional mega bubbles. Bubbles are fun idea for kids of all ages to play with!
  4. Small Accessories- Small accessories are affordable, and perfect for stuffing a stocking. For boys sunglasses or wallets are an excellent idea, while girls may prefer bracelets or hair accessories. This is an easy and inexpensive idea that can be very versatile. You can include a few of these in the stocking, and the kids will be very happy.
  5. Gift Cards- Gift cards are a great addition to any stocking. You can get them for as little as 5 dollars to your child’s favorite fast food restaurant, or spend a little more for one to their favorite toy store. Gift cards are a quick and easy stocking stuffer!
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  1. Nancy Says:

    Fun ideas for holiday temporary tattoos

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