Temporary Tattoos Put The Fun Back In FUNdrasing

Temporary tattoos are a fresh and fun idea for your next school fundraiser. By using fun and unique temporary tattoos, you will have a fundraiser that gets both kids and their parents excited about your school.  Temporary tattoos for kids are easy to sell and share, and available in a number of different design options, and are an easy way to extend your school’s fundraising budget . Temporary tattoos are inexpensive, especially when ordering in large quantities, and can provide a great amount of return income for your school.  These temporary tattoos can be customized for your school featuring a school mascot or your school colors, or even both, which makes them a refreshing idea to use.

Ribbon Tattoo

These Ribbon Temporary Tattoos Can Be Customized!

Custom and Colorful – Temporary Tattoos

Since fundraisers should be unique and fun, temporary tattoos are the way to go. You can create your very own custom temporary tattoos that say exactly what you want it to say about your school. There are many different sizes and styles of temporary tattoos to choose from, and having a variety is great. Smaller tattoos for cheek application, medium ones for hands, and larger ones for arms give you a wide range to offer. Temporary tattoos are a great idea for younger children at an elementary school, all the way up to the university level. Temporary tattoos provide a sense of school spirit that kids and parents alike will love to participate in.

Recycle Tattoo

Find a Temporary Tattoo to Fit Your Cause!

Temporary Tattoos – Easy and Efficient

Temporary tattoos are inexpensive, making them the opportune choice for a fundraiser. They are easy to apply, and last for days. Application is fun and simple, peel off the protective cover, place where you want, apply water and pressure for about 15 seconds and peel the paper away, it’s as simple as that. Temporary tattoos are safety tested, and FDA approved, so using them in schools is a great idea. People of all ages will love them.  The custom designs and colors will appeal to everyone in your community, and people will be excited to show their support for their local schools.

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