Temporary Tattoos For Teens

Nowadays, it seems that teenagers are interested in expressing themselves in all different ways. They are looking for ways to rebel, and standout in a crowd, and because of this tattoos are on the rise. Some – get it done for shock value or to gain popularity among peers. Others use tattoos to get in touch with the playful, creative side of their personality and show off who they think they are. Parents are having to explain to their teenagers that these pieces of art are stuck with them for the rest of their lives.  A sensible solution would be to provide your teens with temporary tattoos to express their  individuality.

Heart tattoo

Your Heart Tattoo Doesn't Have to Last Forever!

The Downside To Permanent Tattoos

          When thinking about permanent tattoos, teens seem to be blinded by the reasoning that they have come up with for getting their tattoo. Consider this: the permanent tattoo displaying the name of your ex-love will hardly be a welcome sight to your current love interest. That symbol that meant so much to you when you were eighteen probably won’t mean the same thing to you twenty years from now.  What if you are applying for the job of your dreams and you lose job just because your interviewer does not approve of the unique markings you have decided lend to your personality?  Taking all of these things into consideration, the choice seems simple, why would you mark yourself permanently when you can temporarily express whatever you are feeling at that moment in time.

butterfly tattoo

You Can Have a Selection of Temporary Tattoos to Wear!

Temporary Tattoos: Change Is Good

There are many benefits to wearing temporary tattoos. First, it is absolutely painless to apply a temporary tattoo. Temporary tattooing is also comparatively much safer, the tattoo sits on top of the skin rather than being needled into it.  These Fake Tattoos can be self applied on any part of your body. You can buy many different designs of temporary tattoos and effortlessly transfer them to your skin. Temporary tattoos are available in many different designs, as well as glitter and scented variety.  If no art adequately expresses yourself, feel free to create your own and design completely unique custom temporary tattoos.  You just need to peel them off their protective cover, and apply anywhere on your body using water. The best part is, these tattoos are FDA approved and safe to wear! Last but not least, you can remove the temporary tattoos at will with the help of baby oil, lotion, or soap and water. Most temporary tattoos will stay on for week or so and gradually fade away. Once the tattoo fades, you can feel free to express yourself with a different one!

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