Give Thanks With Temporary Tattoos!

Once a year we have a chance to celebrate a day where we give thanks for all that we have in our lives. Thanksgiving is a tradition that stems back all the way to when the pilgrims first landed on Plymouth Rock. While food, friends and football are sure to brighten up this day, why not try something new? Thanksgiving temporary tattoos are a fun and different ingredient for your Thanksgiving dinner. There are many different ways you can use temporary tattoos for Thanksgiving fun, and the possibilities are endless.

Turkey Tattoo

This Turkey Temporary Tattoo is Very Festive!

Turkey, Thanksgiving & Temporary Tattoos

One great idea for using temporary tattoos this Thanksgiving is as a fun accent to your table! When you decide to decorate your table for the holiday, people always look for festive things to help complete the layout. Temporary tattoos are a great thing to spread on the table, because your guests can pick them up and apply them if they would like to. The cute Thanksgiving images on the tattoos will add an instant flare to your table as well. This is an inexpensive and unique way to add a little something extra to your Thanksgiving dinner. Fall temporary tattoos are also just a fun edition to any outfit for a fall themed event. You can use fall temporary tattoos to accent whatever you are wearing and look extra festive at your events. A simple tattoo can go a long way in making you stand out.

Kids in the Classroom are FALLing for Temporary Tattoos!

When fall comes around, teachers like to do activities with a fall theme in the classroom. Why not incorporate fall temporary tattoos for kids into the classroom too? When kids do something deserving of a prize, you can reward them with a temporary tattoo. Pumpkins, fall leaves, scarecrows, and other fall themed tattoos will make kids excited to do their work.

Pilgram Tattoo

Add This Pilgrim Temporary Tattoo to Your Celebration!

A Cornucopia of Choices With Temporary Tattoos

There are so many different temporary tattoo designs, that you are sure to find something you love to help celebrate Thanksgiving.  That said, feel free to let your creativity soar and whip up a bunch of custom temporary tattoos to get exactly what you’re looking for.  Whether you feel like a turkey, a pumpkin, or perhaps even some fall leaves, temporary tattoos for Thanksgiving will make their mark. You can give them to the kids at your Thanksgiving meal as a treat, you can give them to guests as a parting gift, or you can even use them for name cards on the dinner table so guests know where to sit. The choices are endless with uses for Thanksgiving Temporary Tattoos, so make sure you “Gobble” some up today!

Cornucopia Tattoo

This Cornucopia Tattoo Adds A Festive Touch to Thanksgiving!

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