Custom Temporary Tattoos: A Short-Term Solution

There’s plenty to like about custom temporary tattoos.  They’re affordable and can be ordered in bulk for distribution, which makes them great for promotional purposes.  What’s more, they make you the art director.  You can use custom temporary tattoos to express yourself exactly the way you want to by using art you created yourself.

However, perhaps the most beneficial feature of temporary tattoos is the fact that—and though this is obvious, this is really wonderfully important—custom temporary tattoos are, well, temporary.  Let’s be frank: We’ve all seen terrifyingly unfortunate tattoos on people.  Bad tattoos are a horror story so common there are entire websites dedicated to pictures of them.  Since traditional ink tattoos are inherently permanent on-skin statements, the tattooist only has one chance to transfer the art onto the skin.  And no matter how beautiful or finely wrought the tattoo art may be, you’re completely at the mercy of that tattooist’s skill to render that image faithfully.  And all it takes is one exceptionally over-caffeinated or uncommonly nervous tattooist to ruin even the most skilful image—permanently.

Custom temporary tattoos allow you to circumvent any potential horror stories by cutting the tattooist out of the process.  You pick the image, the size, and the location of the tattoo, and by following the almost ridiculously easy instructions for application, your custom temporary tattoo will look just the way you envisioned it looking every time.  It’s hard not to like that!

There’s another wonderful thing about not getting into a committed relationship with a piece of art that you happen to like at the moment: If you change your mind about said art, then the tattoo goes!  Removing a temporary tattoo is as easy as taking a cotton ball and rubbing the tattoo area with rubbing alcohol or baby oil.  Don’t know about you, but in my book, a bit of rubbing alcohol application sure beats an expensive, painful, and potentially scarring laser tattoo removal any day of the week.

So there you have it: Though custom temporary tattoos are indeed wonderful for their customizability, their short-term staying power and the ease and affordability of purchasing them in bulk means that you can express yourself for as long as you like—and then move on.

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