Temporary Tattoos Are Spooktacular

With Halloween fast approaching, costume ideas are making appearances everywhere and many people are looking for a way to stand out. When it comes to a great costume, it is all in the details, and Halloween temporary tattoos provide that unique touch you are looking for. It is the little things that truly bring a costume to life, and allow you to take on that alternate persona for one night.  So why not have a little fun? There are many costume ideas that have been done a thousand times, but with the right amount of detail, you can turn a dated costume idea into something fabulous and new.

Boils Temporary Tattoos

These Boils Can Help Make Your Costume More Realistic!

Re-Vamp(ire) With Temporary Tattoos

Traditional costumes are always a go to idea when it comes time for Halloween, but with the use of temporary tattoos a modern flare can be added. Why not be a hip Dracula by wearing trendy clothes, a cape, and of course blood, bats, and spider temporary tattoos. Perhaps Frankenstein is more your style, with temporary tattoo stitches it is easy to look like you were created in a lab.  A modern day  Frankenstein might look like a punk with a barbed wire temporary tattoo, and of course the bolts on the neck and a few of the traditional monster’s trademark details . This refreshed idea will be fun and trendy. Instead of a traditional witch, try a glam witch with glitter Halloween tattoos to accent your outfit, spider web and black cat tattoos are sure to add a pop to your costume that you didn’t have before. All of these ideas are achievable with an inexpensive temporary tattoo product.

Spider Temporary Tattoos

This Spider Temporary Tattoo Can Creepy Crawl It's Way Into Your Costume!

Temporary Tattoos Make Traditional Costumes Original

No matter what monster, celebrity, princess or witch you intend to become for Halloween, there are many accessories that will help make your costume one-of-a-kind. The streets are filled with your everyday bad guys and evil doers on Halloween, and setting yourself apart from the crowd can be a challenge. Make the task easier by paying close attention to the little things. Add accessories and small makeup details to your costume to get a unique look. Temporary tattoos that fit well with your character’s appearance will also help make your costume complete. When you finally decide which tattoos are right for your costume, you are sure to have a wonderful Halloween night.

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