Halloween Temporary Tattoos: Putting A Healthy TREAT in Trick-or-Treat

Nowadays, many parents find themselves searching for a healthy alternative to candy treats for their kids, especially around Halloween. Children today eat more candy and soda than ever before.  Schools are coming up with new healthy options and parents are encouraging healthy eating and outdoor activities. It seems that everyone is making an effort to be more health conscious, but why let that stop you from providing the kids with something just as fun on Halloween?

Theme Pack Tattoos

These Theme Packs Are A Fun Halloween Treat!

Temporary Tattoos Are Sweet!

Give your trick-or-treaters a healthy alternative that they’ll actually enjoy!  Halloween temporary tattoos are an excellent alternative to candy and chocolate.  Instead of another sweet treat, give the children in your neighborhood a fun activity.  Temporary tattoos are unique, 100% safe and are a lot of fun. Pick out an assortment of Halloween temporary tattoos today and give your trick-or-treaters something new and exciting on Halloween!  A healthy alternative to sugar-fill treats: temporary tattoos.

Festering Flesh Tattoos

These Festering Flesh Tattoos Are A Creepy Alternative To Candy!

Halloween Temporary Tattoos Provide Lasting Fun!       

Trick-or-treaters will love receiving temporary tattoos in their treat bags. While candy can provide momentary delight, temporary tattoos will last them the days after Halloween and give them something to show off to their friends when they return to school. There is a wide range of options available, including glow in the dark temporary tattoos! With such a wide range, each trick-or-treater is sure to love the tattoo you give them. Halloween temporary tattoos are sure to be the talk of the neighborhood this spooky season.

Neon Glow Tattoos

These Neon Tattoos Will Have Trick-or-Treaters Glowing With Happiness!

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