Halloween Temporary Tattoos: Ghouls and Gashes Galore!

Finding the perfect costume for Halloween can be tricky, but with the wide range of choices you are sure to find something fun. Once you have discovered what your alter ego is going to be, it is time to accessorize. Many costumes can be enhanced with the use of makeup and props, but something new is rising from the dead: Halloween temporary tattoos. Temporary tattoos for Halloween are an inexpensive and fun way to accent your costume and stand out so you are not just another vampire lost in the crowd. There is a wide variety of Halloween temporary tattoos that can be used in making your costume one of a kind, and finding the right ones is half the fun.

Pumpkin Temporary Tattoo

This Pumpkin Temporary Tattoo is Fun and Festive!

These Scars Are Only Temporary (tattoos)

Many costumes need to be dressed up with cuts, scars, and gaping wounds. Normally, to achieve this look, you would need to use special effects makeup.  This can be difficult to apply and can easily be smudged off, but not anymore. Temporary tattoos have made their entrance, and are being used by people all over to create the look that people desire when they dress up. Many costumes could use cuts and scars such as soldiers, Frankenstein’s, vampires, and zombies. These ideas could be transformed with the use of temporary tattoos. Take zombies for example, using fake wounds will spice up your zombie costume. Apply the wound tattoo to the desired area, cover yourself with grayish make-up for that “walking dead” look, throw on some torn clothes, and you are good to go.  A great costume is easy to achieve with the addition of temporary tattoos, and you will look great.

Scars temporary tattoos

These Scars are Sure to Creep Out Your Friends!

Howling for Temporary Tattoos

Temporary tattoos are a wonderful addition to any Halloween ensemble. They are inexpensive and they come in a variety of different designs and themes. While gashes and cuts can be fun, there are also other options when it comes to temporary tattoos. Using temporary tribal tattoos to dress up a surfer or a wrestler is a great idea. Using glitter temporary tattoos to dress up a fairy or a princess will make them sparkle even more. Even just some fun Halloween themed tattoos for the adults to wear will standout. No matter what you decide, there is a temporary tattoo that can help you get the extra pop you are looking for in your Halloween costume.

Tribal Temporary tattoo

This Tribal Tattoo Can Spice Up Your Surfer Costume!

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