Halloween Temporary Tattoos: 5 Ways to Use Them

1. Accent Your Attire

Everyone is always looking for a way to spice up their Halloween costume and make it stand out from the crowd. Halloween temporary tattoos can do just that! By using temporary tattoos you can add something different to your costume. For example, if you are planning on being a zombie, adding scar temporary tattoos can be the finishing touch. The possibilities are endless.

Stiches Tattoos

These Creepy Stitches Tattoos Are Perfect to Accent Your Costume


 2. Swap Out the Candy

Many people do not like handing out candy to children or encouraging children to eat so much candy on Halloween because they have become much more health conscious. If you feel like changing things up, you can hand out temporary tattoos instead of candy this year. Mummies, pumpkins, and bats are fun tattoo designs that kids will love.

3.Party Favors

Having a Halloween party? Not only are temporary tattoos great to have as an activity at the party, but tattoos also make a wonderful edition to your favor bags for your guests. Temporary tattoos are a fun idea for this because your guests will have something fun to do at the party and then again at home. If you are feeling bold, you can make custom temporary tattoos for your guests to remember your party by. 

4.Keeping Track of Kids

Temporary tattoos are a great idea to keep track of your kids. There are tattoos available that say “If lost please call:________ “ you can then write in your phone number with a  washable marker. This is a great idea in case your child is separated from you on Halloween night.

be safe be seen tattoos

These Tattoos Are Perfect For Kids!

5.Glitter and Glowing Galore

With the wide range of Halloween temporary tattoos, you can add sparkle or glow to your night. Sparkle tattoos are a fun addition to princesses and fairies, and every skeleton can use a little glow. By using these temporary tattoos, you are able to add something different to your night.


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