5 Reasons You Should Get Custom Temporary Tattoos

1. The Design Will Be Unique to You

Isn’t having something that you designed, right on your body an awesome idea? Create a work of art and turn it into custom temporary tattoos!  The wonderful thing about it being custom is that no one else will have this tattoo, unless you give them one, making it totally unique.

2. Raise money and fire up spirit for your group

Custom temporary tattoos are great fundraisers.  You can print sports temporary tattoos of your school mascot and sell them at football games. Offer them in place of face paint at your next carnival or party. Temporary tattoos are inexpensive and because of this, they are a great option to use for fundraising. In addition, using temporary tattoos for your group will increase their spirit! Custom tattoos for your sports team, club, or organization will have people feeling excited about what you are doing.

Sports Temporary Tattoos

Go Team - Temporary Tattoos!

3. Customers can show off your business

When running a business, it is always important to look for the next big thing in marketing. The more consumers who see your logo or product, the better chance you have for return business. Temporary tattoos as promotional products are a great idea.  If you give your customers temporary tattoos, they will be wearing your brand right on their body, and everyone will be seeing it. This will spark people’s attention and in turn make them curious about your business.

4. Test it out

Often times, people wish they could see what a real tattoo would look like before they take the plunge and get it permanently on their body, well now they can. Instead of jumping in right away, you can have a temporary tattoo of your design made.  Each temporary tattoo lasts for a few days so if you had 100 of your design, you could try it for months before committing. This is a great idea, because a test run could help you decide if you want the tattoo for the rest of your life.

Purple Ribbon

Add Your Own Customization to Tattoos Like This!

5. Fun Fun Fun

Custom temporary tattoos are fun! You can have whatever you want made into a temporary tattoo. Maybe you have an obsession with your cat, a temporary tattoo of that beautiful feline is what you need. Looking for a unique anniversary gift for your parents? Nothing says love like temporary tattoos with their faces on them. With the wide range of ideas that are possible, you cannot go wrong with a custom temporary tattoo.


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