Hard Work Pays Off With Temporary Tattoos

Nowadays, it seems that teachers and parents alike are searching for new and interesting ways to motivate kids. Temporary tattoos are a fresh new idea for incentives both in the classroom and at home. You may be wondering why temporary tattoos are a good idea. Why not? Kids will love getting to pick out their own unique temporary tattoo as well as wearing them and showing them off to their friends.  This motivation will drive them to perform at their best. Using temporary tattoos as a reward for good work is something anyone can do. It is inexpensive, fun, and the results will be great.

Smile Temporary Tattoos

Smile Temporary Tattoos Make Great Rewards

Stickers Are So Yesterday, Temporary Tattoos Are Now

Remember when you were a kid, and receiving a gold star on your paper meant that you had excelled on the assignment and won the teachers approval? Well, in classrooms today kids might be searching for a little more. Rewarding your star students with the temporary tattoo of their choice keeps the students interested, motivated and it is like wearing their gold star right on their sleeve. When a student knows that producing good work will earn them their own tattoo, they will work extra hard to get there.  Temporary tattoos are a great idea for classroom use because the wide variety of designs means you can find something for every student. Temporary tattoos are a safe and fun way to add excitement to your classroom rewards.

Gold Star Temporary Tattoo

Give Your Students Gold Star Temporary Tattoos

Temporary Tattoos Take the Bore out of Chores!

Many parents search for a way to get their children to help out around the house, and temporary tattoos are a great idea to help motivate them. If you want to give your kids a reason to complete their chores for the week, temporary tattoos can help. When you provide your kids with a fun and interesting temporary tattoo as a reward for their hard work during the week, they will love helping out. Using tattoos as an incentive is an easy way to get your child’s attention, and give them something fun to look forward to. With a great selection of temporary tattoos, you are sure to find something that sparks their interest, and keeps them lending a helping hand.

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