Festive and Fun – Temporary Tattoos!

Have you been searching for that extra pop to make your child’s birthday over the top? Temporary tattoos are an inexpensive and unique way to add that extra bit of fun to your next children’s party. Whether it’s a birthday party, back to school celebration, or just a fun get together, kids will love sharing and putting on temporary tattoos. There are many different ways temporary tattoos can be used as a fun activity at a party. You can have a temporary tattoo station where children can choose their favorite tattoo and have it applied right there.  Temporary tattoos also make excellent party favors for kids to take home with them. You can put them in their treat bags and they will be happy to apply them at home.

Butterfly Temporary Tattoos

Butterfly Temporary Tattoos Are Just One of Many Options for Goodie Bags!

Temporary Tattoos For Kids Are Safe And Simple!

Not only are kids temporary tattoos fun, but they are also extremely easy to apply. You simply peel off the protective cover and place the tattoo on the desired area. Wet it thoroughly with a cloth or spray bottle, press down for around 15-30 seconds, peel the paper away, and there you go! They are easy to apply, making them a wonderful choice for a party. Temporary tattoos are also tested for safety compliance to ensure that the colorants are up to FDA standards, so you know that your children are safe wearing them. Since temporary tattoos are such a simple and safe product, why not add them to your next party?

Cowboy Boot Temporary Tattoos

Cowboy Boot Temporary Tattoos Are Great For Western Parties!

The Choices Are Endless!

No matter what kind of party you are throwing, the choices in temporary tattoos are endless. If you are having a western party, cowboy tattoos are perfect for you. Is a Hawaiian theme more your style? You will be able to find a wide range of tribal and floral Hawaiian tattoos to suit your needs. Do you need boys and girls tattoos? Or maybe you just want a variety?  Well, we have got just the thing, variety packs! No matter what theme your special day may be, www.tattoosales.com will be able to help you with your temporary tattoo needs, and give you the fun and exciting designs you have been searching for.

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Every Tattoo Manufacturing temporary tattoo has lowest price, 100% unconditional satisfaction & fastest turnaround guarantees. They are made in the USA and exceed US, Canadian and European Union safety standards.

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