Patriotic Temporary Tattoos Will Add Fireworks to Any Party!

Celebrate the 4th of July With Temporary Tattoos!

The fourth of July is a day that celebrates the United States gaining their independence from Great Britain after years of being under British rule. When the fourth of July was first celebrated, it was marked by the blaze of bonfires. Candles illuminated the windows of houses and public buildings. Church bells rang out load, and cannons were shot from ships. The Fourth of July soon became the main patriotic holiday of the entire country. Veterans made a tradition of gathering on the Fourth to remember their victories. In towns and cities, the American flags fly; shops display red, white, and blue decorations; and people march in parades to show their support for their country.


A Great Selection of Stock Patriotic Temporary Tattoos

Which Patriot Are You?

During the time of America gaining its independence there were many patriotic leaders that helped in the process. In this quiz, you can find out which one of these leaders you are most like. After you discover your patriotic identity, you can search for a patriotic temporary tattoo that represents what your patriot stood for.


Made in USA Temporary Tattoo...Just Like All Tattoos!

Stars and Stripes!

There are many symbols that represent the fourth of July in the United States. A few of the major symbols are of course the American Flag, Fireworks, and the colors red, white, and blue. A great way to express your pride for your country is by displaying a temporary tattoo on your skin. American Flag temporary tattoos come in a variety of sizes so you can decide just how patriotic you want to be. Firework temporary tattoos also add a fun element to your fourth of July celebration. There are also a variety of other patriotic tattoos on that you can choose from to best suit your needs.


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