Why Getting a Disney Temporary Tattoo of a Princess is a Great Idea

1. It is always fun to pretend. Believe it or not, when you are wearing a Disney temporary tattoo of a princess, you’re allowed to sing and dance to all of their songs…at will. The moment you feel like proclaiming your need to be ‘A Part Of Your World’, GO FOR IT! The sky is the limit.

2. Almost everyone knows the stories of the Disney Princesses and can relate in some way. This makes for great conversation starters…or instant BFFs if you can find another person wearing the same Princess temporary tattoo. Click here and take the quiz to see which Princess you’re most like, if you are not sure.

3. Disney Princesses have an iconic fashion sense. Cinderella made rags look good!

4. Brand new opportunity. In the olden days, one would have to permanently mark their bodies’ just to wear the likeness of a Disney Princess. No more! Now, thanks to modern miracles, everyone can sport temporary tattoos featuring the princesses.

5. It’s fun. That’s reason enough! To choose the perfect princess temporary tattoo of a princess, check out our quiz!

Belle Princess Temporary Tattoo

Belle is Everybody's Favorite Princess!

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