A Complete Selection of World Flag Temporary Tattoos Now Available!

At Tattoo Manufacturing we have done more than just add a few more temporary tattoos to our already extensive inventory of world flag temporary tattoos; you can now find the entire world. With the most complete selection on the web, Tattoosales.com now offers 235 official country flags spanning the globe from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe and everywhere in between.

World Flag Temporary Tattoos

World Flag Temporary Tattoos

Temporary Tattoo Flags for Sporting, Political, Patriotic and Other Uses

These fake tattoos are 1.5 x 2 inches and fit perfectly on a child or adult’s face. So get ready to show off your favorite country’s colors for sporting events including the Olympics, World Cup and World Baseball Classic. They are also perfect for independence day, fund raising, political and other celebrations or events.

Teachers: These new world flag temporary tattoos are a great tool to get your kids excited and motivated about learning. Children can compete in contests to earn these tattoos or be assigned to learn more about the associated countries and share that information with their classmates.

Best Pricing on World Flag Temporary Tattoos

With so many options now is the time to take advantage of our total quantity pricing on in-stock temporary tattoos: The more flags you order the cheaper they get! Feel free to mix and match any country flag temporary tattoos to receive lower pricing. Don’t forget that the shipping cost is on us anywhere in the United States with the minimum online order of $10! Place your order today and we will make sure they ship in less than 48 hours.

Are some people truly inspired by world flag temporary tattoos? Seventy year old Har Prakash (also known as Guinness Rishi) now has 305 country flags (those recognized internationally and others), 185 country maps, 165 mini flags and 2,985 characters tattooed on his body! His goal is to encourage world amity and to inspire children. This is a world record which he has added to delivering a pizza from New Delhi to San Francisco along with 20 others that he currently holds.

World Flag Fake Tattoos

Har Prakash...305 Country Flags in 9 Months! Here's to India!

You can also tattoo your entire body with world flag temporary tattoos – and then change your mind much more easily should any of those flags change in the years ahead. Such as may be the case with Libya.

Will it be the current flag for Libya?

Libyan Flag Temporary Tattoo

The flag of the Libya under Gaddafi

Or the flag of the opposition (which was the former Libyan flag)?

Libyan Opposition Flag

The Pre-Revolution Libyan Flag...Now in Use Again...

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