Fundraising for Summer Camp with Custom Temporary Tattoos

Summer is an exciting time to be a child!  Enjoying the warm weather, taking time off from school and attending summer camp makes summer a favorite season for children.

custom fake tattoos

However, those camps can be costly.  The summer can be expensive between band camp, sports camp, cheer camp and others.  For this reason, many organizations turn to fundraising.

Custom temporary tattoos are one of the best fundraising ideas to come along in years.  They are perfect for summer programs, schools and local clubs because they require a very low up-front cost and can generate very high returns.

To illustrate the high returns possible with custom temporary tattoos, consider the following:  the high school cheerleading squad needs to raise money to attend summer cheer camp.  The team orders 1,000 custom temporary tattoos featuring the school’s mascot.  At the next home game, members of the team set up a small table outside the entrance and sell the mascot tattoos to energetic fans for $1 each.

school fake tattoo

Mascot Temporary Tattoo

The cheerleading team does the same at pep rallies and school events throughout the semester.  The cheer team even has sponges and water available for the fans to apply the tattoos.

For these 1,000 temporary tattoos, how much profit did the cheerleading team make?

Temporary Tattoo Cost: $89.00

Sales: $1,000

Profit: $911

Not too bad for a small investment.

There are many, highly profitable opportunities for raising money with temporary tattoos.  Explore this option for your group’s summer camp fundraising today!

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