Detailed Temporary Tattoos

Some of the most popular temporary tattoos are our most detailed designs.  Detailed temporary tattoos are in demand because they are beautiful and realistic looking when applied to the skin.

detailed fake tattoo

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This Ed Hardy Panther is one of the most detailed temporary tattoo designs available.  From the panther’s curled claws to his ‘hiss’ at the snake, this originally hand-drawn design is layered with details.  The green under body of the snake is vibrant and each muscle of the panther’s back is flexed at attention.

real fake tattoo

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If a realistic look is what you’re striving for, this Ed Hardy Black Rose Temporary Tattoo is the perfect fit.  The blacks, browns, greens and golds sit beautifully against any skin tone and the jagged edges make it look more authentic.

While the Ed Hardy line is full of incredibly detailed designs, there are also detailed Tribal, Celtic and Henna temporary tattoos.  With so many detailed designs to choose from and updates of the art frequently, you never have the wear the same temporary tattoo twice.

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