Temporary Tattoos at the Beach!

Today on Twitter, @EmilyInBrazil tweeted a picture of herself at the beach wearing a temporary tattoo.

fake tattoo

Notice the temporary tattoo?

The beach looks amazing, and so does her temporary tattoo!  Notice it there, on the inside of her arm?

It looks like @EmilyInBrazil is sporting a tribal or Celtic design, like the one included on this sheet of Henna tattoos available on tattoosales.com:


henna tattoo

Henna tattoo: tattoosales.com

Temporary tattoos are great for the beach because they do not come off in water.  Quality temporary tattoos, like the ones we print, stay on the skin for up to a week or until they are removed with baby oil or rubbing alcohol.

Emily’s temporary tattoo looks realistic and is a great compliment to her beach attire.  The great thing about it being a temporary tattoo is that she can remove it when she goes out for the evening and wear a different design the next day.

Have fun in Brazil, Emily!

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