Raise Money for Your Group With Temporary Tattoos!

Are you looking for a new and addictive fundraising item that kids and adults will love?

fundraise with temporary tattoos

Since money does not grow on trees, schools must be creative with fundraising

Look no further than temporary tattoos!

They are all the rage, and have been for years now.  Why not capitalize on that popularity and offer temporary tattoos emblazoned with the school colors or school mascot, or even both as part of your next school fundraising campaign?

Kids Love Them!

Kids love temporary tattoos because they can apply them easily with just a damp cloth. They are also waterproof and long lasting. Parents love them because they are easy to remove, if needed, with just a little baby oil or rubbing alcohol.

Here’s an idea for your next event!  At a table close to where the temporary tattoos are being sold, provide several spray bottles of water and some paper towels. This will enable the kids to apply their new tattoos themselves immediately after purchasing them.

kids love temporary tattoos

Kids love temporary tattoos

Another reason for the popularity of temporary tattoos among kids is the fact that they are so portable. Temporary tattoos fit perfectly in jean pockets or jacket pockets.

Advantageous to Your School Too!

Using temporary tattoos can mean a larger profit margin for your school’s needed projects. Since they are so inexpensive, these tattoos make the ideal fundraising vehicle. Kids love them and parents don’t mind buying them because of the low cost involved.

school fundraiserSchool can get great bulk order discounts so you can put more money back into the coffers for those underfunded needs. Any logo, design, or artwork can be used and made into a temporary tattoo.

A great option is to have the beloved school mascot emblazoned on the tattoo. The kids will be proud to show off a temporary tattoo with their school mascot on it.

Start earning money for your school today by selling temporary tattoos at games and other events!

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